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New Iberia

This city is a parish seat in Louisiana and is where the main character lives.

Dave's House

This is a wooden house built by one of the character's fathers.


Dave obtains a job working for the sheriff's office in this city.

New Orleans

This large city is where various criminals flee during periods when they desire to be anonymous.


These are two Federal governmental organizations that take a role in the novel's early plot development.

The Shot-up Toyota

Victor Romero steals this and uses it during his attempt on Dave's life.


This is Dave's particular demon which he thinks of often.

Dave's .45

Dave has one of these dating from his military service in Vietnam.

Claudette's Thermos

Claudette prefers to drink cooled lime rickey from this.

Victor Romero's Many Ears

This is the prized possession of one of Annie's murderers which he...

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