Heaven's Prisoners Character Descriptions

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Dave Robicheaux

This character is the protagonist, the narrator, and is present in every scene.

Annie Robicheaux, nee Ballard

This character is a thirty-something white woman from Kansas, who is nominally raised a Mennonite.


This is a young girl who flees Nicaragua with her mother to escape the violence of civil war.

Robin Gaddis

This character is a thirty-something alcoholic white woman who works as a stripper and prostitute in order to support her drug habit.


This character is Dave's closest friend and works with Dave at the bait shop that Dave owns.

Bubba and Claudette Rocque

These characters are a married couple who run the local organized crime rackets in and around New Iberia.

Eddie Keats and Toot

This character is a thug and contract killer who owns a few bars and who pimps and sells drugs.

Minos P. Dautrieve and Monroe

This character is...

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