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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Singer tell Antonapoulos about his four visitors?
(a) They bring him nice gifts.
(b) They are always talking.
(c) They are tiresome.
(d) They can't read sign language.

2. What does part of Biff almost wish?
(a) That he could go on vacation.
(b) That he was a father.
(c) That he had adopted children.
(d) That he was a mother.

3. Where does Singer move?
(a) He rents a room at the YMCA.
(b) He rents a place in a dilapidated boarding house.
(c) He moves to a nice apartment above the New York Cafe.
(d) He moves to an apartment above the jewelry store where he works.

4. In the summer when Mick takes her brothers for walks what does she think about?
(a) Ice skating with her brother Bill.
(b) Mountain climbing in Switzerland.
(c) Snow, skating with Mr. Singer, and saving him when he falls through the ice.
(d) Dancing with Carole Lombard and Toscanini.

5. What did Portia say about Mick that Mick knew was wrong?
(a) That Mick didn't love and didn't have peace.
(b) That Mick was always up to trouble.
(c) That Mick was alone too much.
(d) That Mick was a foolish child.

6. What is wrong with Dr. Copeland?
(a) He has asthma.
(b) He needs a vacation.
(c) He has tuberculosis.
(d) He has cancer.

7. Why is Dr. Copeland so interested in Mr. Singer?
(a) Because Mr. Singer paid his daughter well for ironing his shirts.
(b) Because he never knew a person who was deaf and mute.
(c) Because he has a deaf child as a patient.
(d) Because he he curious about the other man.

8. How does Dr. Copeland feel after the Christmas party?
(a) He feels sick to his stomach.
(b) He wants a nap.
(c) He feels joy that the people seemed to understand his message.
(d) He feels the need to write an article about his speech.

9. What kind of house does Dr. Copeland live in?
(a) A clapboard house.
(b) A brick and stucco home.
(c) He lives in an apartment above his clinic.
(d) A frame house painted pristine white.

10. According to Dr. Copeland, what is wrong with the best written essay?
(a) There was no name on it.
(b) There was too much hatred in it.
(c) There were too many mistakes in grammar.
(d) There were too many wild notions.

11. What happened when Mr. Singer takes Antonapoulos out to dinner?
(a) Antonapoulos orders half the dishes on the menu then won't leave.
(b) Antonapoulos refuses to leave without dessert.
(c) Antonapoulos drinks too much and passes out in the taxi.
(d) Antonapoulos orders everything on the menu then takes a nap.

12. What was the motto of the organization Jake Blount once founded?
(a) Capitalism.
(b) Liberty.
(c) Freedom.
(d) Action.

13. What does Bubber ask Baby to let him see?
(a) Her little pink pocketbook.
(b) Her dancing shoes.
(c) The book she was reading.
(d) Her fancy costume.

14. Who does Dr. Copeland take along with him on his medical rounds?
(a) Mr. Singer.
(b) William.
(c) Portia.
(d) Portia and Highboy.

15. Who is Biff Brannon?
(a) A stranger in town no one likes.
(b) The owner of the New York Cafe.
(c) The owner of the jewelry store where Singer works.
(d) A retired teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the second day of the story when he returns to Singer's apartment, what does Jake tell Mr. Singer about himself?

2. Who is Spiros Antonapoulos?

3. What does Dr. Benedict Copeland do in the evening when he doesn't have patients?

4. What happens to Biff Brannon on October 8?

5. What about Jake Blount seems to stand out most to Brannon?

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