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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. No matter what she is doing, what is always going on in the back of Mick's mind?
(a) Some kind of piano piece.
(b) Some kind of invention.
(c) Some place she wants to travel.
(d) A plan to run away when she turns seventeen.

2. When she is introduced to the story, what time does Mick come into the restaurant ?
(a) After noon.
(b) Around 10 p.m.
(c) About 7 a.m.
(d) After midnight.

3. On the second day of the story when he returns to Singer's apartment, what does Jake tell Mr. Singer about himself?
(a) He is a Democrat.
(b) He is a Republican.
(c) He is a Communist.
(d) He feels like two people.

4. What is the Sunny Dixie Show?
(a) A rodeo.
(b) A revival.
(c) A carnival.
(d) A dance hall.

5. What kind of relationship does Brannon have with his wife, Alice?
(a) They flirt and call one another by the pet names Mr. and Mrs.
(b) Cordial and affectionate.
(c) They dislike each other, but won't divorce because they both want to keep the business.
(d) They do not sleep together and call one another Mr. and Mrs. Brannon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Mick doing in her brother's room that upset her?

2. What is a flying-jinny?

3. What does Jake say after Mr. Singer offers to share his room with him until he finds a place?

4. What about Jake Blount seems to stand out most to Brannon?

5. Where did Mick Kelly take her brothers on Sunday morning?

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