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The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

What are the themes of the story? At your discretion, choose one of the themes and tell which characters fit that theme, and in what ways they fit into that theme of the story.

The title of the novel is, "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter." In what ways does the title relate to the story?

Research the author, Carson McCullers and determine how the character Mick may have been modeled after herself.

What is the difference between this Southern town and Northern towns of equal size? Does the location of the story make a difference in this story? Why? How would the story change if it took place in a different location? What would be lost from the story?

Describe the kind of relationship Mick Kelly has with her family, especially her mother. Why doesn't Mick confide in her parents about her dreams? What happened to the...

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