The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Character Descriptions

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Spiros Antonapoulos - This character is a Greek who cannot speak or hear and has a ten-year relationship with another person who is mute and deaf.

Jake Blount - This character's strange and unpredictable behavior leave him with few friends, with the exception of those willing to put up with his drunkenness.

Bartholomew Brannon - This character reads the newspaper constantly and has many unanswered questions.

Biff Brannon - This character spends countless hours running a business, happy to use it to avoid an equally unhappy spouse.

Doctor Benedict Copeland - This character wants to break the pattern of poverty and injustice for the African-American people.

Willie Copeland - This character is the well-liked cook who ends up in prison.

Portia Jones - This character loves family and wants to keep them close in spite of their unhappy history.

Bubber Kelly - This character is the...

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