Heart of Darkness Character Descriptions

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Marlow is the narrator of the majority of “Heart of Darkness.” He tells the anonymous narrator, who frames the story, the tale of how he went to find Kurtz in the heart of Africa. After returning from an expedition to the East, Marlow decided to pursue a childhood dream of his and go to Africa. He got a position on a ship through family connections, and there was assigned to go to see Kurtz at a distant post. Marlow is tenacious, though impatient – he has a hard time dealing with the wait to get the rivets to repair his ship, for example. He also feels understandable fear at various setbacks; for example, he becomes afraid of running into rocks after rocks ruined the his ship for a time. After meeting Kurtz, he nevertheless becomes fascinated by him, and begins to see the relationships behind Kurtz’s opinions...

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