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● The story begins with five men on a steamer called the Nellie, on the Thames, waiting to sail out. An unnamed narrator tells the story.

● As they wait, a man called Marlow begins to recount his own story.

● Several years before, Marlow had returned to London from sailing in the East, and was searching for a new adventure.

● Always fascinated by the unknown on maps, Marlow examined the river dividing Africa and decided that he would go there.

● Pulling some strings, Marlow was able to get a position on a continental boat with a trading company, headed for Africa.

● Before going, he had to report to the trading company headquarters, in an unnamed country.

● There, he had a sense of the sinister, but nevertheless signed up, including signing a confidentiality agreement (which he claims he will not violate now).

● Marlow then had to see a doctor, who...

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