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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long have the Dudleys worked at Hill House?
(a) Since their childhoods
(b) Since the Sandersons took possession
(c) Since the death of Mr. Crain
(d) Since the last tenants left

2. What does Eleanor notice on the veranda outside the library that no one else notices?
(a) A picture of Hugh Crain.
(b) A dark shadow below the staircase.
(c) A moldy, earth smell.
(d) A cold spot outside the door.

3. What does Eleanor think of Luke when they first meet?
(a) Eleanor finds his flirting flattering.
(b) Eleanor finds him to be rude.
(c) Eleanor finds his flirting silly.
(d) Eleanor finds him to be unfriendly.

4. How does Eleanor plan to change her behavior?
(a) Eleanor plans to be more friendly.
(b) Eleanor plans to be more open.
(c) Eleanor plans to act more reserved.
(d) Eleanor plans to be more helpful.

5. What does Eleanor dislike her sister for?
(a) Not allowing her to have a new suitcase
(b) Not helping with her mother
(c) Not giving her a room of her own
(d) Not allowing her to take the car

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eleanor do on the ride to Hill House?

2. Who greets the women when they return to the house?

3. In what house does Eleanor pretend she lives?

4. How does Theo insist she and Eleanor should dress?

5. Who offers to pray for Eleanor?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Luke Sanderson?

2. Who are the Dudleys?

3. What does Theo encourage Eleanor to do more?

4. What surprises Eleanor the next morning?

5. What does Mrs. Dudley insist she will never do?

6. What is significant about Hill House?

7. Why does everyone claim to be someone different than they are as they make introductions?

8. What does Dr. Montague plan to do with the information he gains from his and his assistants' experiences at Hill House?

9. Why do Dr. Montague and his assistants have trouble finding the dining room?

10. Why does Eleanor get annoyed with her new friends?

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