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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives at Hill House in Chapter 7?
(a) Mrs. Montague
(b) Theo's girlfriend
(c) Mrs. Dudley
(d) Eleanor's sister

2. What can Dr. Montague not do with the cold spot that he desperately wants to do?
(a) Explain it scientifically.
(b) Measure it.
(c) Remove the cold spot.
(d) Get an accurate temperature reading of the cold spot.

3. What do Dr. Montague and his assistants hear during the night?
(a) A dog barking.
(b) A knocking sound and laughter.
(c) A child crying.
(d) Running water.

4. Who says that Theo looks better in Eleanor's clothing than Eleanor?
(a) Eleanor
(b) Theo
(c) Arthur
(d) Luke

5. Why do Dr. Montague and Luke believe Theo accuses Eleanor?
(a) Because she hates Eleanor.
(b) Because she really believes it.
(c) To distract her while they slip her a calming drug.
(d) To take her focus away from her fear.

6. What does Eleanor come to believe has fallen?
(a) The attic.
(b) The garage.
(c) The house.
(d) The tower.

7. What is a planchette?
(a) A device that uses weights to measure breezes.
(b) A device similar to a Ouija board that uses a pencil to write out messages from the other side.
(c) A device similar to a themometer.
(d) A device that measures barometric changes within a house.

8. Who refuses to allow the group to linger over their breakfast?
(a) Eleanor.
(b) Theo.
(c) Mrs. Montague.
(d) Mrs. Dudley.

9. Who looks forward to owning Hill House?
(a) Eleanor
(b) Dr. Montague
(c) Luke
(d) Mrs. Montague

10. How is Eleanor's mood in Chapter 7?
(a) Eleanor is excited.
(b) Eleanor is happy.
(c) Eleanor is sad.
(d) Eleanor is angry.

11. Who does Eleanor decide she will not allow to go out of her life?
(a) Theo
(b) Dr. Montague
(c) Luke
(d) Arthur

12. What does Dr. Montague say can be destructive and lacks a will of its own?
(a) Poltergeist.
(b) Eleanor.
(c) Theo.
(d) Ghosts.

13. Who takes charge when Theo becomes hysterical over the state of her room?
(a) Mrs. Dudley
(b) Dr. Montague
(c) Eleanor
(d) Luke

14. Who does Eleanor eavesdrop on early in the afternoon outside the summer house?
(a) Dr. Montague and Mrs. Montague.
(b) Arthur and Mrs. Montague.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Dudley.
(d) Theo and Luke.

15. What do Mrs. Montague and Arthur report hearing the night before?
(a) Music
(b) Banging
(c) Barking
(d) Nothing

Short Answer Questions

1. Who mocks Eleanor about Journeys ending in lovers meeting?

2. Who hears a child singing?

3. For whose death does Eleanor believe she is responsible?

4. How does Eleanor react to Theo's teasing?

5. Who belittles Dr. Montague's investigation?

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