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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Luke find?
(a) Words warning Luke on the wall.
(b) Words written about Dr. Montague on the wall.
(c) Words written about Eleanor on the wall.
(d) Words written about Theo on the wall.

2. Who does Eleanor decide she will not allow to go out of her life?
(a) Luke
(b) Dr. Montague
(c) Arthur
(d) Theo

3. Who insists on sleeping in the nursery?
(a) Eleanor's sister
(b) Mrs. Dudley
(c) Mrs. Montague
(d) Theo's girlfriend

4. Where do Luke and Eleanor go to spend an afternoon alone in chapter 6?
(a) The basement
(b) The garden
(c) The summer house
(d) The tower

5. What does Eleanor expect to feel under her feet as she goes back to Hill House?
(a) A tape recorder.
(b) A camera.
(c) Children's toys.
(d) Picnic blankets and baskets.

6. Who hears a child singing?
(a) Eleanor
(b) Mrs. Montague
(c) Luke
(d) Dr. Montague

7. What does Theo accuse Eleanor of doing?
(a) Erasing the words before they could document them.
(b) Writing the words herself.
(c) Paying Luke to write the words to frighten everyone.
(d) Trying to draw attention to herself by becoming hysterical at the sight of the words.

8. Why does Theo tease Eleanor?
(a) She is jealous. She likes Eleanor.
(b) She wants to date Luke.
(c) She does not want a relationship to complicate the investigation.
(d) She does not want Eleanor to be distracted.

9. Who takes charge when Theo becomes hysterical over the state of her room?
(a) Dr. Montague
(b) Eleanor
(c) Mrs. Dudley
(d) Luke

10. What impedes their investigation of the cold spot?
(a) The door keeps closing.
(b) A ghost.
(c) Mrs. Dudley.
(d) The extreme temperature.

11. What does Eleanor think of Luke's confession?
(a) That it is outrageous.
(b) That it is sad.
(c) That it is unbelievable, but touching just the same.
(d) That it is silly and obviously a come-on.

12. What do Eleanor and Theo see while walking on the property after dark?
(a) A shadow that looks like a rabbit.
(b) Luke stealing kisses from Mrs. Dudley.
(c) Dr. Montague setting a tape recorder in the garage.
(d) Children playing and picnicking in the garden.

13. Who believes ghosts only want to be loved?
(a) Mrs. Montague
(b) Theo
(c) Mrs. Dudley
(d) Eleanor

14. Who irritates Dr. Montague while he transcribes the notes of his assistants?
(a) Arthur
(b) Theo
(c) Eleanor
(d) Luke

15. What do Dr. Montague and his assistants hear during the night?
(a) Running water.
(b) A dog barking.
(c) A child crying.
(d) A knocking sound and laughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eleanor hear while walking alone by the brook?

2. What is the cause of Eleanor's sudden happiness?

3. How is Eleanor's mood in Chapter 7?

4. Why does Eleanor say she is not frightened by the state of Theo's room?

5. Where do Dr. Montague and his assistants spend the night?

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