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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Eleanor decide she will not allow to go out of her life?
(a) Arthur
(b) Luke
(c) Theo
(d) Dr. Montague

2. What does Luke tell Eleanor about his mother?
(a) Luke says he dislikes his mother.
(b) Luke says his mother abandoned him as a child.
(c) Luke says his mother abused him as a child.
(d) Luke says he never had a mother.

3. Who insists on moving in with Theo when the summer is over?
(a) Dr. Montague
(b) Arthur
(c) Luke
(d) Eleanor

4. What does Eleanor find in Theo's room?
(a) Someone has cut Theo's clothes to shreds and written words on the wall.
(b) Someone has stolen all of Theo's clothes and written words on the wall.
(c) Someone has burned Theo's clothes and written words on the wall.
(d) Someone has splattered red paint on Theo's clothes and written words on the wall.

5. What upsets the group about the illustrations in the book Luke found?
(a) The illustrations are badly done.
(b) The illustrations are graphic and violent.
(c) The illustrations are inappropriate to the material they represent.
(d) The illustrations are too childish.

6. What do the words on Theo's wall say?
(a) Eleanor is evil.
(b) Help Eleanor Come Home Eleanor
(c) Leave Eleanor alone.
(d) Eleanor did it.

7. What does Luke find?
(a) Words written about Theo on the wall.
(b) Words written about Dr. Montague on the wall.
(c) Words written about Eleanor on the wall.
(d) Words warning Luke on the wall.

8. What does Theo accuse Eleanor of doing?
(a) Trying to draw attention to herself by becoming hysterical at the sight of the words.
(b) Writing the words herself.
(c) Paying Luke to write the words to frighten everyone.
(d) Erasing the words before they could document them.

9. What is Theo's response to this request.
(a) Yes, it will be fun.
(b) She has a roommate already.
(c) Yes, she needs help with the rent.
(d) She believes they should all go back to their own lives.

10. Who suggests a walk to the brook?
(a) Arthur
(b) Theo
(c) Luke
(d) Eleanor

11. Where do Luke and Eleanor go to spend an afternoon alone in chapter 6?
(a) The summer house
(b) The tower
(c) The garden
(d) The basement

12. What is a planchette?
(a) A device similar to a Ouija board that uses a pencil to write out messages from the other side.
(b) A device that measures barometric changes within a house.
(c) A device similar to a themometer.
(d) A device that uses weights to measure breezes.

13. What does Luke find in the library in Chapter 6?
(a) A fictional book written by Hugh Crain.
(b) A handmade scrapbook.
(c) A photo album of the Crain family.
(d) A book on the history of Hillsdale.

14. What do Eleanor and Theo see while walking on the property after dark?
(a) A shadow that looks like a rabbit.
(b) Children playing and picnicking in the garden.
(c) Luke stealing kisses from Mrs. Dudley.
(d) Dr. Montague setting a tape recorder in the garage.

15. What character flaw does Luke tell Eleanor he suffers?
(a) Selfishness and immaturity.
(b) Selfishness and conceit.
(c) Conceit and narcisism.
(d) Cowardess and weakness of character.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Arthur plan to spend the night?

2. Where does Luke go alone after breakfast?

3. What does Dr. Montague believe has caused these feelings?

4. What does Eleanor want to do to Theo when she sees her wearing her new red sweater?

5. Who refuses to allow the group to linger over their breakfast?

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