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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Luke claim he has a passion?
(a) Spirits, meaning poltergeist.
(b) Spirits, meaning religious spirits.
(c) Spirits, meaning liquor.
(d) Spirits, meaning ghosts.

2. What does Eleanor expect to feel under her feet as she goes back to Hill House?
(a) A tape recorder.
(b) Children's toys.
(c) Picnic blankets and baskets.
(d) A camera.

3. What are the lessons illustrated in the book Luke found?
(a) How to live a pious and virtuous life.
(b) How to survive Hill House.
(c) How to marry a millionaire.
(d) How to live a millionaire's life.

4. Who does Eleanor eavesdrop on early in the afternoon outside the summer house?
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Dudley.
(b) Theo and Luke.
(c) Dr. Montague and Mrs. Montague.
(d) Arthur and Mrs. Montague.

5. What do Eleanor and Theo see while walking on the property after dark?
(a) Luke stealing kisses from Mrs. Dudley.
(b) A shadow that looks like a rabbit.
(c) Dr. Montague setting a tape recorder in the garage.
(d) Children playing and picnicking in the garden.

6. Why does Eleanor say she is not frightened by the state of Theo's room?
(a) Eleanor has gotten used to the strangness of Hill House.
(b) Eleanor does not believe a ghost did these things.
(c) Eleanor is getting used to Theo blaming her for things.
(d) Eleanor is more concerned for Theo than herself.

7. What character flaw does Luke tell Eleanor he suffers?
(a) Conceit and narcisism.
(b) Selfishness and immaturity.
(c) Cowardess and weakness of character.
(d) Selfishness and conceit.

8. Who hears a child singing?
(a) Eleanor
(b) Luke
(c) Mrs. Montague
(d) Dr. Montague

9. How do Eleanor and the others feel when they wake up?
(a) Happy.
(b) Excited.
(c) Sad.
(d) Frightened.

10. Why does Theo tease Eleanor?
(a) She does not want Eleanor to be distracted.
(b) She wants to date Luke.
(c) She is jealous. She likes Eleanor.
(d) She does not want a relationship to complicate the investigation.

11. Who arrives at Hill House in Chapter 7?
(a) Mrs. Dudley
(b) Eleanor's sister
(c) Mrs. Montague
(d) Theo's girlfriend

12. Who takes charge when Theo becomes hysterical over the state of her room?
(a) Luke
(b) Mrs. Dudley
(c) Eleanor
(d) Dr. Montague

13. What does Eleanor say as she wakes?
(a) I wish I could.
(b) I'll come.
(c) I love you.
(d) I don't want to.

14. What is Eleanor surprised to see when she wakes?
(a) That there is no damage from the fallen tower.
(b) That the garage is still attached to the house.
(c) That the attic has not fallen in.
(d) That the house is still whole and standing.

15. What can Dr. Montague not do with the cold spot that he desperately wants to do?
(a) Measure it.
(b) Explain it scientifically.
(c) Get an accurate temperature reading of the cold spot.
(d) Remove the cold spot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Arthur?

2. Who befriends Mrs. Dudley?

3. Who insists on sleeping in the nursery?

4. Who believes ghosts only want to be loved?

5. Why do Dr. Montague and Luke believe Theo accuses Eleanor?

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