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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Theo insist she and Eleanor should dress?
(a) In work clothes
(b) In brightly colored clothes
(c) In sexually appealing clothes
(d) In comfortable clothes

2. To what does Theo compare this first day at Hill House?
(a) The first day of camp
(b) The first day of a new job
(c) The first day of school
(d) The first appointment with a new doctor

3. When does Dr. Montague suggest Eleanor should leave the house?
(a) If trouble begins to take place.
(b) If she is frightened.
(c) If she feels the house latching onto her.
(d) If she begins to feel uneasy.

4. What kind of cup does Eleanor hear a little girl cry over?
(a) A pink cup
(b) A cup with bears on it
(c) A cup of stars
(d) A cup of moons

5. What color is Theo's room?
(a) Blue
(b) Yellow
(c) Green
(d) Pink

6. What color is Eleanor's room?
(a) Pink
(b) Green
(c) Blue
(d) Yellow

7. What happened at Eleanor's house when she was twelve?
(a) Her mother died.
(b) Rocks rained on the house.
(c) The house burned down.
(d) Her sister moved away.

8. How does Theo see Eleanor?
(a) Theo sees Eleanor as weak and unstable.
(b) Theo sees Eleanor as drab and unexciting.
(c) Theo sees Eleanor as funny and outgoing.
(d) Theo sees Eleanor as a kindred spirit.

9. What quote comes to Eleanor's mind when she reaches the front door?
(a) Journeys end at the iron knocker.
(b) Journeys begin with lover meeting.
(c) Journeys end with lovers meeting.
(d) Journeys begin at the front door.

10. What emotion does Theo detect in Eleanor?
(a) Anticipation
(b) Sadness
(c) Happiness
(d) Fear

11. Why does Eleanor stop for coffee in Hillsdale?
(a) To ask questions about Hill House
(b) To prolong her journey
(c) To ask about Dr. Montague
(d) To ask about the local night life

12. How does Theo introduce herself?
(a) As a nightclub singer
(b) As a lord's daughter masquerading as a commoner
(c) As a psychic
(d) As a professional athlete

13. What does Dr. Montague hope to do with the information their investigation will gather?
(a) Write a historical book about the land the house sits on and its role in supernatural manifestations.
(b) Write a historical book about the family who once owned the house.
(c) Write a fictional book about the house.
(d) Write an academic book chronicalling supernatural manifestation in the house his colleagues will respect.

14. Dr. Montague's doctorate is in __________________.
(a) Psychology
(b) Parapsychology
(c) Sociology
(d) Philosophy

15. What is Eleanor's impression of the waitress at the diner in Hillsdale?
(a) She is open and eager to talk about Hill House.
(b) She is unfriendly, especially when Hill House is mentioned.
(c) She is pretty.
(d) She is a threat to Eleanor's hopes of finding a boyfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is significant about Theo's calling the shadow a rabbit?

2. How does Eleanor plan to change her behavior?

3. What is Eleanor surprised by when she wakes the following morning?

4. With whom does Eleanor live ?

5. What does Eleanor think would infuriate her mother?

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