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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleanor think of Luke when they first meet?
(a) Eleanor finds his flirting flattering.
(b) Eleanor finds him to be rude.
(c) Eleanor finds his flirting silly.
(d) Eleanor finds him to be unfriendly.

2. What is significant about Theo's calling the shadow a rabbit?
(a) Theo has a pet rabbit, so the comparison makes her feel better.
(b) Theo saw a rabbit seconds before the shadow, confusing the two.
(c) Theo thinks of Eleanor as a rabbit, ripe to be manipulated.
(d) Theo likes rabbits.

3. Where did Dr. Montague hear of Hill House?
(a) Research assistants
(b) An old friend
(c) Former tenants
(d) Former colleagues

4. Why does Dr. Montague send a letter to Eleanor Vance?
(a) Eleanor owns the house Dr. Montague is investigating.
(b) Eleanor is psychic.
(c) Eleanor had an experience with a poltergeist as a child.
(d) Eleanor lived in a haunted house as a child.

5. What does Eleanor think would infuriate her mother?
(a) Her behavior with Theo
(b) The makeup she is wearing
(c) The clothes she bought for this trip
(d) Her decision to stay in this house

Short Answer Questions

1. How long have the Dudleys worked at Hill House?

2. How many responses does Dr. Montague get to his letter searching for possible assistants?

3. What is Eleanor forced to steal when she leaves home?

4. What does Theo tease Eleanor about in Chapter 6?

5. What do Theo and Eleanor find on their walk on the grounds?

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