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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Montague warn Eleanor not to talk about if she stops in Hillsdale?
(a) Ghost stories
(b) Hill House
(c) Dr. Montague's investigation
(d) The Crain family

2. What does Eleanor notice on the veranda outside the library that no one else notices?
(a) A moldy, earth smell.
(b) A dark shadow below the staircase.
(c) A picture of Hugh Crain.
(d) A cold spot outside the door.

3. Why does Dr. Montague invite Theodora to be his assistant?
(a) Theodora is psychic.
(b) Theodora had an experience with poltergeist as a child.
(c) Theodora owns the house Dr. Montague is investigating.
(d) Theodora lived in a haunted house as a child.

4. How many children did Hugh Crain have?
(a) Three sons, one daughter
(b) Three daughters
(c) Two daughters
(d) Two daughters, one son

5. In what house does Eleanor pretend she lives?
(a) A house with stone lions outside
(b) A mansion in Hillsdale
(c) A house with oleander bushes along the driveway
(d) Hill House

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Luke and Eleanor go to spend an afternoon alone in chapter 6?

2. Why does the party get lost on the way to dinner?

3. How does Theo insist she and Eleanor should dress?

4. Why does Luke's aunt send him to stay with Dr. Montague at Hill House?

5. What happens when Eleanor opens the curtains over the window?

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