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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Dr. Montague brought Theo to Hill House?
(a) She is psychic.
(b) She is his wife.
(c) She is a professional ghost hunter.
(d) She is pretty.

2. What is Eleanor forced to steal when she leaves home?
(a) A credit card to pay for gas
(b) A car she co-owns with her sister
(c) An expensive suitcase
(d) A wardrobe of clothes

3. When does Dr. Montague suggest Eleanor should leave the house?
(a) If trouble begins to take place.
(b) If she begins to feel uneasy.
(c) If she is frightened.
(d) If she feels the house latching onto her.

4. Why do Dr. Montague and Luke believe Theo accuses Eleanor?
(a) Because she hates Eleanor.
(b) To take her focus away from her fear.
(c) Because she really believes it.
(d) To distract her while they slip her a calming drug.

5. How did Hugh Crain's first wife die?
(a) She died of tuberculosis.
(b) Her carriage overturned while making a turn in the driveway at Hill House.
(c) She had a heart attack the first time she saw Hill House.
(d) She fell from the tower at Hill House.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Dr. Montague announce will arrive the following Saturday?

2. What happened to the last person who attempted to leave Hill House after dark?

3. Why does Dr. Montague invite Theodora to be his assistant?

4. What does Theo confess she did while going back to Hill House?

5. Why does Theo tease Eleanor?

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