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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dr. Montague treat Luke?
(a) Dr. Montague treats Luke with indifference.
(b) Dr. Montague treats Luke almost like a servant.
(c) Dr. Montague treats Luke like a son.
(d) Dr. Montague treats Luke with the respect his position affords him.

2. What do Theo and Eleanor think will disappoint Mrs. Dudley?
(a) That they did not make their beds.
(b) That they do not plan to help with the housework.
(c) That they survived the night.
(d) That they do not plan to have breakfast.

3. What room does Eleanor refuse to enter as they explore the house?
(a) The game room.
(b) The study.
(c) The nursery.
(d) The library.

4. Why do Dr. Montague and Luke believe Theo accuses Eleanor?
(a) Because she hates Eleanor.
(b) To take her focus away from her fear.
(c) To distract her while they slip her a calming drug.
(d) Because she really believes it.

5. What is odd about the drawing room?
(a) The huge portrait of Crain.
(b) The tree growing through its center.
(c) The huge baroque style statue.
(d) The odd paintings throughout the room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Dr. Montague announce will arrive the following Saturday?

2. When does Dr. Montague suggest Eleanor should leave the house?

3. Who offers to pray for Eleanor?

4. What is significant about Theo's calling the shadow a rabbit?

5. How does Eleanor introduce herself?

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