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The Magic Oleander Square

On her drive to Hill House, Eleanor passes this place. It captures her imagination, causing her to think of a magic castle that might have been built there.

The Planchette

Similar to the ouija board, this is a method of communicating with spirits from beyond through the process of automatic writing.

The Tower

This is at the front of Hill House and is the reputed sight of the village companion's suicide.

The Library

This room contains the staircase to the tower and is a place where Luke spends a great deal of time alone. This room is also where Mrs. Montague and Arthur use the planchette.

The Nursery

The most haunted room in Hill House whose entrance is guarded by a cold spot. Mrs. Montague insists on sleeping in this room.

The Parlor

Within the heart of Hill House, this is the coziest room...

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