The Haunting of Hill House Character Descriptions

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Eleanor Vance - This character spent her youth caring for a dying mother with no help from other family members. This character is filled with resentment because of her history.

Theodora - This character is carefree, confident, and independent, as well as beautiful and wealthy. This character is unable to feel empathy for other characters who are less fortunate.

Luke Sanderson - This character has a reputation as a liar and a thief, as well as being a coward, but few of these traits are proven in the course of the plot development. This character likes to seduce woman with many promises that are never fulfilled.

Dr. John Montague - This character is highly educated and passionate about the paranormal. This person wants to be a pioneer in the field of paranormal research by proving the existence of a spiritual realm.

Mrs. Montague - This character is...

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