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Chapter 1

• Dr. John Montague,a doctor of anthropology with a passion for supernatural manifestation, has rented Hill House for the summer because of stories that it is haunted.

• Dr. Montague searches for and hires two assistants as well as inviting a member of the family that owns the house to help him with his investigation into the supernatural nature of the house.
• Luke Sanderson is the family's representative. The family sends Luke, a ladies man, to spend the summer with Dr. Montague because they hope it will keep him occupied.

• Theodora is a psychic who views her abilities and the stories of Hill House as amusing.

• Theodora accepts Dr. Montague's invitation because of a fight with her roommate.
• Eleanor Vance, Dr. Montague's new assistant, spent eleven years caring for her dying mother.

• Eleanor lives with her sister and her family despite a poor relationship based on the lack...

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