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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eleven, The Bribe.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bill announce when he arrives?
(a) That Fleur has been kidnapped.
(b) That Mad-Eye Moody is dead.
(c) That Mad-Eye Moody has disappeared.
(d) That Fleur is dead.

2. Why does Mrs. Weasley keep Ron, Harry and Hermione separated as much as possible?
(a) So they cannot plan together.
(b) So Ron and Harry do not fight over Hermione's attentions.
(c) So Ron is not tempted to stay at Hogwarts with the other two instead of getting a job.
(d) So they learn from others besides themselves.

3. What is the reason for the deception about Ron?
(a) So school officials do not go looking for Ron.
(b) So Ron can work in secrecy.
(c) To keep his family safe.
(d) For fun.

4. What does Mr. Weasley's Patronus say?
(a) To continue on their quest.
(b) To come back to the Burrow immediately.
(c) That the family is safe and do not reply.
(d) To meet him at the Ministry.

5. Why is Remus worried about his unborn child?
(a) Because his wife is muggle-born.
(b) If it is born in wolf form, it can never attain human form.
(c) Because the Ministry is now coming out against werewolves.
(d) Because if it is a boy, he will be half werewolf and unable to control his changing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Harry doing when he is one on a broomstick?

2. To whom is the Weasley son getting married?

3. Who finds Harry?

4. About what is Rita Skeeter's book?

5. What is one thing that is revealed in Rita's book?

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