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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Six, The Ghoul in Pajamas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who finds Harry?
(a) Dumbledore.
(b) Voldemort.
(c) Tonk's parents.
(d) Snape.

2. What is Harry not to let become a signature spell?
(a) The "expelliarmus" spell.
(b) The "confundis" spell.
(c) The "expecto patronum" spell.
(d) The "aparecium" spell.

3. For what are Ron, Hermione and Harry going to search?
(a) A mythical dragon for defeating Voldemort.
(b) Horcruxes.
(c) Unknown spells.
(d) Voldemort's familiar.

4. With what are Ron's parents going to say Ron is ill?
(a) Spattergroit.
(b) Rickergroit.
(c) Imbecelium.
(d) Fulgroit.

5. Who do they think the Death Eaters will most likely think is the real Harry Potter?
(a) The one who is wearing a protection charm.
(b) The one who is not wearing a protection charm.
(c) One of the Harry lookalikes on a broom.
(d) The Potter who is surrounded by the others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin doing at Ron's house?

2. What is Godric's Hollow?

3. Who does Harry try to waken after the crash?

4. What does Harry tell Tonk's father?

5. What shows the location of every person physically present at Hogwarts?

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