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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-nine, The Lost Diadem - Chapter Thirty, The Sacking of Severus Snape.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Death Eaters waiting to see Harry?
(a) Outside Grimmauld Place.
(b) In Voldemort's home.
(c) At the ministry.
(d) At Hogwarts.

2. What has Hermione done in case of just such an emergency?
(a) Kept two extra wands.
(b) Notified her parents.
(c) Packed a bag which she has with her.
(d) Sent a large sum of money to Gringotts.

3. What is one way to destroy a Horcurx?
(a) The imperio spell.
(b) Magical fire.
(c) The Incendio spell.
(d) The destructio spell.

4. What happens to the crowd at the wedding when the news about the Ministry arrives?
(a) They continue with the wedding knowing there are enough wizards to keep them safe.
(b) They disperse quickly according to a prearranged plan.
(c) They panic.
(d) They calmly make plans.

5. According to something Harry finds, who has been talking to Harry's mother?
(a) Voldemort.
(b) Bathilda.
(c) Dumbledore.
(d) Snape.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry try to talk Ron and Hermione out of?

2. What is a thestral?

3. What does Harry see as he is keeping watch at their camp?

4. For what are Ron, Hermione and Harry going to search?

5. Upon whom do all the professors gang up?

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