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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Nine, A Place to Hide.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is in the most danger on the venture to move Harry Potter safely?
(a) Hermione Granger.
(b) Snape since he is a traitor.
(c) The guardians.
(d) Harry's friend, Ron.

2. Where do Ron, Harry, and Hermione go?
(a) To Hogwarts.
(b) To a busy Muggle street.
(c) To Harry's birthplace.
(d) To Azkeban to find help.

3. What does Bill announce when he arrives?
(a) That Fleur has been kidnapped.
(b) That Mad-Eye Moody has disappeared.
(c) That Mad-Eye Moody is dead.
(d) That Fleur is dead.

4. Why does Lupin ask Harry a question only Harry would know?
(a) To find out if Harry remembers Dumbledore's instructions.
(b) To see if Harry should move upward in the Order of the Phoenix.
(c) To see if Harry needs to go back to Hogwarts.
(d) To ascertain that Harry is really Harry.

5. What is the antidote for basilisk venom?
(a) Polyjuice.
(b) Phoenix tears.
(c) Werewolf saliva.
(d) Thestral blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do two wizards escort the Dursleys away from Privet Drive?

2. With what are Ron's parents going to say Ron is ill?

3. What is Harry not to let become a signature spell?

4. To whom is the Weasley son getting married?

5. Who does Bellatrix attack?

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