Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Harry Potter - This character is known as the boy who lived.

Voldemort - This character is born with the name Tom Riddle and is also referred to as you-know-who.

Hermione Granger - This character is very studious and raised as the only child of a Muggle family.

Ron Weasley - This character is the youngest of five boys, although he does have a younger sister.

Albus Dumbledore - This character is considered by some to be one of the greatest wizarding minds of the time and one whom Harry admires immensely.

Professor Severus Snape - Because of his great love for Harry's mother, this character traded his allegiance and spends the rest of his life trying to protect Harry.

Fred and George Weasley - These two are identical twins.

Percy Weasley - This character is in allegiance with the Ministry but ultimately fights on Harry's side at the end...

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