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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the device Iff gives Haroun?
(a) Move-it-Tight.
(b) Bite-a-Lite.
(c) Twist-a-Night.
(d) Scoop-a-Brite.

2. Who is Mudra?
(a) A Plentimaw Fish.
(b) A Floating Gardener.
(c) A Shadow Warrior.
(d) A page.

3. Where was Batcheat being held?
(a) In a prison.
(b) In a school.
(c) In a tower.
(d) In a hospital.

4. What happens to the water the closer Haroun gets to Chup territory?
(a) It gets warmer.
(b) It gets brighter.
(c) It gets more polluted.
(d) It gets lighter.

5. What story does Rashid tell the audience at the rally?
(a) Haroun versus Kattam-Shud.
(b) Haroun and the Great Battle.
(c) Haroun and the Sea of Stories.
(d) Haroun and the Kahani Moon.

6. Why does Khattam-Shud hate stories?
(a) Because he is unable to read.
(b) Because stories remind him of his mother.
(c) Because he wishes to rule all worlds.
(d) Because books are expensive.

7. What does Iff drop into the acidic water?
(a) His sash.
(b) His Disconnector.
(c) His turban.
(d) His shoe.

8. What does Blabbermouth think of Mudra?
(a) She likes him.
(b) She is confused about him.
(c) She hates him.
(d) She is neutral about him.

9. What happens when sunlight touches the Citadel in Chup?
(a) It begins to sparkle.
(b) It begins to morph.
(c) It begins to melt.
(d) It begins to grow.

10. What does Khattam-Shud look like?
(a) Scrawny and plain.
(b) Short and ugly.
(c) Tall and lithe.
(d) Strong and handsome.

11. Shadow Warriors are known as being what?
(a) Slow.
(b) Clumsy.
(c) Graceful.
(d) Boring.

12. Why does Prince Bolo get angry with Blabbermouth?
(a) Because Blabbermouth makes fun of his beloved Batcheat.
(b) Because Blabbermouth abandons the encampment.
(c) Because Blabbermouth challenges his manhood.
(d) Because Blabbermouth is revealed to be a she.

13. Who volunteers to act as a spy for the Gup army?
(a) Haroun.
(b) Rashid.
(c) Prince Bolo.
(d) Blabbermouth.

14. What is the symbol for Khattam-Shud?
(a) Closed Eyes.
(b) Zipped Lips.
(c) Open Mouth.
(d) Three Eyes,

15. What does Khattam-Shud look like according to Haroun?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A dentist.
(c) A clerk.
(d) A baseball player.

Short Answer Questions

1. Is Mudra friendly?

2. How do pages arrange themselves?

3. Who does Haroun suspect Khattam-Shud has in his custody?

4. How does Haroun feel when he is captured?

5. How many Chupwala Warriors capture Haroun and his companions?

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