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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, About Guppees and Chupwalas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the P2C2E House located?
(a) Dull Lake.
(b) Gup City.
(c) Town of G.
(d) Twilight Strip.

2. Who is Prince Bolo betrothed to?
(a) Princess Snickermole.
(b) Princess Snaggletooth.
(c) Princess Batcheat.
(d) Princess Uglymug.

3. Who is Mr. Sengupta?
(a) Haroun's doctor.
(b) Haroun's stepfather.
(c) Haroun's mentor.
(d) Haroun's neighbor.

4. Where did "The Walrus" get his name from?
(a) His lovely locks.
(b) His bushy eyebrows.
(c) His portly stature.
(d) His mustache.

5. Why do Haroun and Rashid switch rooms while on the houseboat?
(a) Because they like the decor of the room that is not theirs.
(b) Because they want to trick Buttoo.
(c) Because they are scared.
(d) Because they can't sleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Prince Bolo love his betrothed?

2. What is Haroun's opinion of Rashid's stories?

3. How does Haroun react when he hears the name "Khattam-Shud"?

4. Who does Iff suspect Gup City to be at war with?

5. What do Storytellers need to tell their stories?

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