Objects & Places from Haroun and the Sea of Stories

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This type of gesture is used in a distinct style of dance.


This country is where the earthbound sections of the story take place.

Arabian Nights Plus One

This location has windows that are shaped like animals and beasts.


This object is carved out of black ice.


This location is dark and silent across its landscape.

Dark Ship

This object manufactures poisons.

Dull Lake

This location is where a character keeps their house boat.


This location is named after the Hindustani word meaning gossip.


This name is both a location and a word for rain.

The Ocean of the Streams of Story

This location is where the storytellers get their power.

Plentimaw Fish

These fish are shaped like angel fish but are very large.

Processes Too Complicated To Explain

This process is created by Eggheads.

Town of G

This location is where...

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