Haroun and the Sea of Stories Character Descriptions

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Haroun Khalifa

This character is an only child.

Rashid Khalifa

This character is a storyteller.


This character is the evil antagonist of the story.


This character is an expert juggler.

Prince Bolo

This character speaks with a dramatic flourish.


These characters share the same name.

Mr. Buttoo

This character is a slick dressing politician.

King Chattergy

This character wears a gold circlet and has a daughter.

Princess Batcheat Chattergy

This character has a shatteringly terrible voice.

Goopy and Bagha

These characters accompany the protagonist on their trip.


This character comes from Earth's invisible second moon.

Soraya Khalifa

This character once had a beautiful voice and loved to sing.

General Kitab

This character's name means "book" in Arabic.


This character speaks very softly and is made of greenery.


This character speaks in a pantomime language.

The Senguptas

These characters are the neighbors of...

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