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Chapter 1, The Shah of Blah

• The reader is introduced to Haroun, the protagonist.

• Haroun lives with his father and mother, and he has no siblings.

• Haroun and his family live next to Mr. Sengupta and his wife Oneeta.
• Rashid, Haroun's father, is a story teller.

• Haroun's dislikes the silly stories his father tells. He thinks they are pointless.

• Haroun asks his father what the point is of telling untrue stories.
• One morning at precisely 11:00 in the morning, Soraya runs off with Mr. Sengupta.

• Rashid and Haroun are crushed by the departure of Soraya.

• Rashid and Haroun go by train to the Town of G and the Valley of K.

• Once there, Haroun and Rashid are met by shady politicos.

• Th politicos threaten Rashid when he is unable to say anything other than "Ark".

Chapter 2, The Mail Coach

• Haroun and Rashid are dropped off at the bus station by...

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