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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the brothers not do with their father as they seem to think this is unmanly, even in the circumstances?
(a) Talk to him.
(b) Hug him.
(c) Kiss him.
(d) Cry around him.

2. What is the name of the dead animal a short version of, according to the person who gave the animal this name?
(a) Dead man flying.
(b) Molly Maw.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Rigor mortis.

3. The Burn Outs are the old hippies in town who did way too many drugs when they were younger and now cannot stop ______________.
(a) Crying.
(b) Laughing.
(c) Tripping.
(d) Moving.

4. At one point, Kathleen was married to a _____________, according to their conversations together.
(a) Writer.
(b) Therapist.
(c) Artist.
(d) Surgeon.

5. What does Kathleen admit to having, which makes her an interesting choice for a sort of therapist for Jen?
(a) Voices in her head.
(b) No training.
(c) A history of suicide attempts.
(d) A motive for her help.

6. While everyone loves this person, this person still drives everyone crazy with his/her silly and boundless energy. Who is it?
(a) Ben.
(b) Jen.
(c) Wallace.
(d) Randy.

7. Who is the sibling that tries to stop them from kicking and making jokes about each other?
(a) Jen.
(b) No one.
(c) Ben.
(d) Randy.

8. What is the one subject that Eric doesn't want to talk about and that he becomes defensive about when Jen tries?
(a) Emotions.
(b) The future.
(c) Work.
(d) Books.

9. What's frustrating to Wallace is that he can only get ______ hour's worth of work accomplished in four hours, which is not the way it used to be.
(a) One.
(b) Two.
(c) Three.
(d) Four.

10. The siblings decide that everyone in their family is ______________ anyway, so their psychoses don't matter.
(a) Ignored.
(b) Respected.
(c) Mentally ill.
(d) Dead or dying.

11. There is another group in town called the _______________ who are New Age folks that are trying to share goodwill with everyone they meet.
(a) Cosmica Ramas.
(b) True Lovers.
(c) A Blinding Light.
(d) The Team.

12. Kathleen wants to point out that while Jen might be going through a __________, that she is not the only one.
(a) Conflict.
(b) Misunderstanding.
(c) Crisis.
(d) Happy time.

13. Jen accuses Kathleen of not being ____________, and Kathleen asks if they can talk it over in the morning.
(a) Truthful.
(b) Who she seems to be.
(c) Dependable.
(d) Caring enough.

14. What does Wallace decide to make out before his surgery, just in case something happens?
(a) A mix CD.
(b) A video tape.
(c) His will.
(d) His final novel.

15. What do the kids make in order to cover up their nervousness when they finally take Wallace to this hospital?
(a) Bad drinks.
(b) Jokes.
(c) Large joints.
(d) Excuses not to come to the hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Kathleen to have to leave early in the morning, even though she promised to talk with Jen?

2. How old is Jen's friend Megan, the one who sometimes stays with her at the cabin?

3. Who tells the kids that the way that Wallace looks is very normal after a surgery of this type?

4. Kathleen mentions that she would like to see ____________, since Jen's brothers already have.

5. Who calls Jen to let her know that everything in the surgery went well and that Wallace was resting comfortably?

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