Hard Laughter Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Anne Lamott
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Back to Work and Monday.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wallace and Jen talk about whether they think ________ has anything to do with the problems that Wallace has had.
(a) The family.
(b) Genetics.
(c) His girlfriend.
(d) Karma.

2. Who is the person that knocks over the vase accidentally, which causes Wallace to wake up?
(a) Jen.
(b) Ben.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Randy.

3. What is the one subject that Eric doesn't want to talk about and that he becomes defensive about when Jen tries?
(a) The future.
(b) Work.
(c) Books.
(d) Emotions.

4. What does Jen learn about a week before Eric says that he will be leaving her?
(a) Her father's tumor.
(b) She's pregnant.
(c) He's been sleeping around.
(d) She's getting evicted.

5. The siblings decide that everyone in their family is ______________ anyway, so their psychoses don't matter.
(a) Respected.
(b) Ignored.
(c) Dead or dying.
(d) Mentally ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jen imagine is surrounding her when she is in her drugged and drunk state after leaving her meeting?

2. What does a woman that Jen knows carry around with her in case she is ever in a situation where she found out she could not recover?

3. Who tells the kids that the way that Wallace looks is very normal after a surgery of this type?

4. Jen accuses Kathleen of not being ____________, and Kathleen asks if they can talk it over in the morning.

5. Who calls Jen in the middle of the night, but Jen hangs up on this person in her disgust?

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