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Anne Lamott
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Skunks.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kathleen admit to having, which makes her an interesting choice for a sort of therapist for Jen?
(a) A history of suicide attempts.
(b) Voices in her head.
(c) No training.
(d) A motive for her help.

2. What kind of dead bird does Randy find when he and the others are walking on the beach?
(a) Pelican.
(b) Crow.
(c) Seagull.
(d) Heron.

3. Because Ben used to ___________, he doesn't want people to think that he's thrown his life away by becoming an emotional mess now.
(a) Do drugs.
(b) Be rich.
(c) Be a leader.
(d) Live on the streets.

4. Megan does not like _________ because when this person comes around, it means that she cannot sleep at Jen's place.
(a) Eric.
(b) Kathleen.
(c) Ben.
(d) Randy.

5. What does Sarah decide to go do in order to give the kids some space to see their dad on their own?
(a) Go home to sleep.
(b) Walk the halls.
(c) Take a shower.
(d) Go to lunch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jen decide to do when she is sitting in her yard, not able to sleep because of the surgery?

2. How does Jen call Kathleen when she realizes that she is not showing up for their meeting?

3. What does Kathleen offer as her excuse for not meeting with Jen as she promised to do?

4. Which animal does Jen live with, even though it is a little wild and likes to urinate all over her things?

5. What is NOT one of the names of the children who are described and followed in this book?

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