Objects & Places from Hard Laughter

Anne Lamott
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Clement, California

This is the town in which Jen's family lives. It has a population of two thousand people, most of whom are weird and crazy.

Jen's Cabin

Jen lives rent-free in this place she inherited from her grandparents.

Wallace's House

This is where Wallace lives with Sarah and Randy.

The Bar

There is one of these in Clement, with a jukebox that patrons sometimes break to protest the disco selections.

The Hospital

Wallace goes to stay in this location while he has his brain tumor removed.

The Oncologist's Office

Jen drives Wallace to this place each day for two weeks for his radiation treatments.

The Ridge

Jen loves to go out to this location near her cabin which overlooks the ocean. Jen likes to watch sunsets there or scream out her frustrations or do drugs.

The Lumpoid Mass

Jen refers to Wallace's tumor as this; she uses...

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