Hard Laughter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anne Lamott
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The Family

• Jennifer's family moves to an ancient castle in the San Francisco Bay area.

• The family has three children: Jen, Ben, and Randy.

• Wallace learns that he has a brain tumor after calling a doctor once he can not think of the word, 'zucchini.'

• Randy takes home a dead heron as a pet.

• The family decides to laugh about the situation instead of mourning it.

The Town Where I Live

• Jen lives in an old cabin, rent free, and her friend Megan stays with her one night.

• Jen likes to write, making just enough money to spend the rest of her time writing.

• Jen is picked up by a Burn Out and they end up in a ditch.

• The Burn Outs provide a show for the others in town.

• Jen and Megan try to avoid the Cosmica Ramas.

• Megan tells Jen about a weird new fertility...

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