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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following students commits suicide?
(a) Harry Walden
(b) Lilly Fischman
(c) Richard Waite
(d) Arnie Whitechapel

2. What does Big Henry want Henry to be?
(a) Security guard
(b) Scientist
(c) Engineer
(d) Soldier

3. What does Henry have to do to work off demerits?
(a) Clean the tables in the cafeteria
(b) Pick up garbage
(c) Get A's on his tests
(d) Mow the lawn

4. Why does Henry get in trouble on his first trip when he arrives to do the restocking?
(a) He stopped to get into a fight on his way through the store
(b) Elevator operator makes him wait while he goes to the bathroom
(c) He stopped to feed a starving dog
(d) He shows up late because he has to work

5. Why does Henry's father send him to Chelsey?
(a) Neighbor children go there
(b) Better school
(c) Has an ROTC program
(d) Further away from home

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry do to Jimmy's mother after Jimmy goes to sleep?

2. What happens to end the baseball game that Henry talks Abe into playing with them?

3. Which of the following things isn't Lilly allowed to do during biology class?

4. What does Henry do with his winning medal?

5. How do Jimmy and Henry get to the beach?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you believe that Henry's parents want him to be more like Abe and less like himself?

2. What treatment does Henry receive from the doctors to help treat his boils and horrible acne?

3. Describe how Jimmy and Henry 'discussed' their thoughts about friendship in English class.

4. In regards to respect, how do Henry and Wagoner view things?

5. Why does Henry indicate that even though he is going to get in trouble for ruining his shirt for fighting with Gibson, it is still a good day?

6. When Henry asked his question and chose a small scroll from the box what did it say?

7. Why does Henry believe that he was hired for the job at Mears-Starbuck over the job at the airplane factory?

8. Why does Henry say that he likes to be singled out as the bad guy?

9. Why does Henry believe he doesn't fit in to his new school called Chelsey High?

10. How does Henry describe the class of large boys who are in his classes at the Jr. High School?

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