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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Baldy's father lose his license to be a surgeon?
(a) He killed one of his patients
(b) No one can afford to pay, so he used violence to collect fees
(c) He can no longer see due to an accident
(d) He is a drunk

2. How does Harry escape from Henry when Henry threatens him?
(a) Beats Henry Up
(b) Points over Henry's shoulder
(c) Calls Miss Gredis to help him
(d) Cowers in the hall

3. What does Henry join at his new high school?
(a) Band
(b) Auto club
(c) ROTC
(d) Pre medication club

4. What happens to Henry when his father insists he keeps the salve on much longer than is recommended?
(a) His skin begins to fall off
(b) He screams in extreme pain
(c) He gets more boils
(d) He is burned

5. How does Henry's father feel about the fact that Henry broke Abe's arm?
(a) Disgusted
(b) Envious
(c) Proud
(d) Ashamed

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Henry's father send him to Chelsey?

2. What does Henry have to do to work off demerits?

3. Why does Henry say that he can't make an obvious mistake?

4. What does Big Henry become obsessed with and talk incessantly about?

5. How many phone numbers did Jimmy get from girlus at the beach?

Short Essay Questions

1. In regards to respect, how do Henry and Wagoner view things?

2. What treatment does Henry receive from the doctors to help treat his boils and horrible acne?

3. Henry's mother is afraid that Abe's mother will call a lawyer after Abe's arm is broken playing baseball with Henry. How does this situation resolve itself?

4. What does Henry say he's discovered after Baldy introduces him to the drinking of alcohol?

5. Why is Henry no longer afraid of being beaten by his father?

6. Why do Henry and Baldy continue to go back to the same window over and over again?

7. Why does Henry believe that Lilly is an evil woman who will send them all to hell?

8. Why do you believe that Henry's parents want him to be more like Abe and less like himself?

9. Why does Henry believe he doesn't fit in to his new school called Chelsey High?

10. What does Pete ask Henry to do which eventually causes him to earn 1000 demerits?

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