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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Harry escape from Henry when Henry threatens him?
(a) Beats Henry Up
(b) Calls Miss Gredis to help him
(c) Cowers in the hall
(d) Points over Henry's shoulder

2. Why does Henry think that he didn't get the job at the airplane factory?
(a) He didn't fill out the application and turned it in blank
(b) Born in Germany
(c) Showed up drunk to the interview
(d) Stopped to feed a starving dog on the way to the job

3. What does a typical day in Henry's imagination of his 'good life' look like?
(a) Work, eat, sleep
(b) Work, come home, have sex, go to sleep
(c) Lay around all day, sleep
(d) Work, come home alone, drink himself to sleep

4. Who brings two sets of boxing gloves for a match?
(a) Gene
(b) Dan
(c) Henry
(d) Harry

5. Why does Henry take his father's binoculars?
(a) To spy on his father and mother
(b) To look up his neighbor's dress
(c) To use them in school to get better grades
(d) To make his father mad

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following things isn't Lilly allowed to do during biology class?

2. After he loses the fight, what does the coach tell the boys to do?

3. Why does Henry say that he can't make an obvious mistake?

4. What does Big Henry want Henry to be?

5. Who does Coach Wagoner say will be his next challenge to a fight?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Henry indicate that even though he is going to get in trouble for ruining his shirt for fighting with Gibson, it is still a good day?

2. Why is Henry no longer afraid of being beaten by his father?

3. Describe the scene where Henry's grandmother brings over her crucifix to help to treat his boils and acne.

4. What contradiction occurs within Henry after he wins at the ROTC competition?

5. Why does Henry believe that he was hired for the job at Mears-Starbuck over the job at the airplane factory?

6. How does Henry describe the class of large boys who are in his classes at the Jr. High School?

7. In regards to respect, how do Henry and Wagoner view things?

8. Why does Big Henry tell Henry that he will be going back to school?

9. Why do you believe that Henry's parents want him to be more like Abe and less like himself?

10. Why does Henry reveal that he believes that Abe ruined his graduation day for him?

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