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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the man who gave them a ride arrested for?
(a) Killing his wife
(b) Kidnapping a child
(c) Stealing a car
(d) Performing oral sex on another man

2. Why does the principal send a note home to Henry's parents?
(a) Because Henry wants to play on the regular baseball team
(b) Because he witnessed David being beaten
(c) Because he never uses the bathroom in school
(d) Because he gets into a fight with Billy Sherril

3. Which school does Henry attend?
(a) Marmount
(b) Knoxville
(c) L. B Jane
(d) Delsey

4. Why does Henry say he dislikes the music David plays?
(a) He hates all music
(b) He cannot play himself
(c) It is too slow
(d) It is sad

5. How did Henry feel about his grammar school teacher?
(a) Was intrigued by her
(b) Hated her
(c) Loved her
(d) Respected her

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Red use to help win fights with bigger boys?

2. What does Henry do which makes Chuck, Eddie, Frank and Gene upset with him for a few weeks?

3. How did the baseball game with Miranda Bell end?

4. What does Edna do when Big Henry refuses to choose?

5. What were Katherine and Betsy making when Henry and his family visited?

Short Essay Questions

1. Though Big Henry and Katherine have been married for a number of years, what new information did Katherine learn about her husband?

2. Why wouldn't Big Henry allow Henry's mother to give Aunt Anna money when they obviously needed some to buy food?

3. Describe the relationship between Lila Jean and Henry and the things they do together.

4. What does Henry's grandfather give him that is important to him?

5. How does Henry feel after the beating from his father and what actions does he take?

6. What intrigues the group of boys about the spider and how is it ruined for them?

7. How does Henry begin to be included with the neighborhood boys?

8. What do Henry and Stanley agree upon that happens at school?

9. Describe, in detail, an example of Big Henry's tendency to create scenes in public.

10. What happens when Henry asks to be excused from dinner because he is in too much pain to eat?

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