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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Henry say he dislikes the music David plays?
(a) It is too slow
(b) He cannot play himself
(c) It is sad
(d) He hates all music

2. In what year did Henry's memory take place?
(a) 1910
(b) 1922
(c) 1900
(d) 1940

3. What were Katherine and Betsy making when Henry and his family visited?
(a) Muffins
(b) Cookies
(c) Peanut butter sandwiches
(d) Chicken sandwiches

4. How did Henry's mother catch his father with Edna?
(a) Saw them in his delivery truck
(b) Hid in the trunk of the car
(c) Watched him sneak into her house when she was running errands
(d) Saw them through a window

5. Why did Henry's family come to America?
(a) It is not explained.
(b) To avoid prison for his father.
(c) To escape debts in Germany.
(d) To live near his relatives who had already moved to America.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sport does Henry imagine that he is great at playing?

2. What does Henry do when he hears his father beating his mother after the confrontation?

3. What are the boys doing under the grandstand?

4. What does Henry tell the principal?

5. What happens as Henry walks home from school after his teacher keeps him late?

Short Essay Questions

1. What events transpired which led Henry to be sent to the principal's office?

2. What happens between Mr. Knox and Henry when Henry is sent to the principal's office for fighting?

3. When Frank moves away with his mother what does he send back to Henry that they continue to exchange for awhile?

4. What does Henry's father overreact to after Henry completes the assigned lawn chores and what punishment does he give to Henry?

5. What happens when Henry asks to be excused from dinner because he is in too much pain to eat?

6. What does Henry talk about in relation to the boys at his grammar school?

7. What sins does Henry make up when he can't think of anything he's done wrong during confession?

8. What does Big Henry say he will do once the doctor tells him that the driver who hit Henry was drunk?

9. What intrigues the group of boys about the spider and how is it ruined for them?

10. What does Henry witness when he walks David home and then waits for him outside?

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