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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Henry say that he can't make an obvious mistake?
(a) He would be beaten by the other members of the squad
(b) It would cause him to be laughed at
(c) He would be forced to quit the ROTC
(d) It would hurt Corporal Monty

2. What does Henry have to do to work off demerits?
(a) Mow the lawn
(b) Pick up garbage
(c) Clean the tables in the cafeteria
(d) Get A's on his tests

3. What does Jimmy do to his girlfriend's family's milk?
(a) Dumps it out
(b) Drinks it all himself
(c) Ejaculates in it
(d) Pees in it

4. Which of the following is not true about Harry?
(a) Rumored to be a genius
(b) Wears neat clothes
(c) Is a very accomplished fighter
(d) Has the admiration of the girls

5. Why does Henry say that most of the guys joined ROTC?
(a) They hate gym class
(b) They like it
(c) They have to to graduate
(d) Parents make them

6. What does Henry do with his winning medal?
(a) Drops it into a drainage hole
(b) Hides it from his father
(c) Wears it with pride
(d) Gives it to Andrew

7. How does Lilly get Mr. Stanhope to let them use their textbooks during the test?
(a) Raising her skirt and adjusting a garter
(b) Begging him
(c) Flirting with him
(d) Kissing him

8. Why does Abe's mother decide not to sue Henry's family?
(a) Abe says it was his fault
(b) Henry's mother convinces her not to
(c) Henry begs her not to
(d) Henry's father beats her up

9. What does Jimmy do to the family dog at his girlfriend's house?
(a) Rubs it until it ejaculates
(b) Feeds the dog a poisonous bone
(c) Pees in its water dish
(d) Beats the dog

10. Why doesn't Henry go to the doctor anymore?
(a) Henry refuses to go to the doctor again
(b) Doctors will not treat him any longer
(c) Big Henry won't let Henry go to the doctor's anymore
(d) Big Henry doesn't believe in paying doctors

11. What is in the box that Henry's grandmother gave to him?
(a) Crucifix
(b) Salve
(c) The answers to all of his problems
(d) Small scrolls

12. Who does Coach Wagoner say will be his next challenge to a fight?
(a) Morris
(b) Henry
(c) Harry
(d) Arnie

13. What opinion does Henry have about most of the maneuvers in ROTC?
(a) Inspiring
(b) Pointless
(c) Exciting
(d) Have great real-life values

14. What does Big Henry want Henry to be?
(a) Security guard
(b) Soldier
(c) Scientist
(d) Engineer

15. What do the doctor's say that Henry has?
(a) Vulagis acne and boils
(b) Boil Vulgaris
(c) Acne vulgaris
(d) Simple Acne and boils

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Henry when his father insists he keeps the salve on much longer than is recommended?

2. Why can't Henry read the books he borrows from the library late at night?

3. What does Henry's grandmother believe is wrong with Henry?

4. What does a typical day in Henry's imagination of his 'good life' look like?

5. Why does Henry put out a lot of job applications?

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