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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Henry's father send him to Chelsey?
(a) Has an ROTC program
(b) Further away from home
(c) Neighbor children go there
(d) Better school

2. What does Henry see ahead for him in his life?
(a) Love
(b) Sex
(c) Work
(d) Nothing

3. Who does Coach Wagoner say will be his next challenge to a fight?
(a) Harry
(b) Henry
(c) Arnie
(d) Morris

4. What topic does Eddie introduce Henry to in Jr. High School?
(a) White supremacy
(b) Birth Control
(c) Masturbation
(d) Alcohol consumption

5. What happens to end the baseball game that Henry talks Abe into playing with them?
(a) Kitten is hit by a pitch
(b) Abe scores the winning pitch
(c) Henry breaks his arm
(d) Abe breaks his arm

6. Why does Henry put out a lot of job applications?
(a) He is forced to by Big Henry
(b) He doesn't want to live at home
(c) He wants to find a job with his friends
(d) He needs money

7. What does his last follow-up doctor tell Henry to drink to help with the acne and boils?
(a) Vegetable juice
(b) Cranberry juice
(c) Carrot juice
(d) Blueberry juice

8. Which of the following things isn't Lilly allowed to do during biology class?
(a) Dance
(b) Use textbook on exams
(c) Talk with her classmates
(d) Sing

9. What does Henry do to get 100 demerits from Wagoner?
(a) Smoking
(b) Drinking
(c) Loitering
(d) Fighting

10. How many phone numbers did Jimmy get from girlus at the beach?
(a) 3
(b) 5
(c) 2
(d) 1

11. Why does Henry say that he was selected for the job at Mears-Starbuck?
(a) Someone that had the job before him died
(b) He seems to be willing to stay with the job
(c) He's old
(d) He's pathetic

12. What does a typical day in Henry's imagination of his 'good life' look like?
(a) Work, come home alone, drink himself to sleep
(b) Work, come home, have sex, go to sleep
(c) Lay around all day, sleep
(d) Work, eat, sleep

13. What does Henry awaken to see?
(a) Two dark eyes peering at him
(b) Two faces staring at him
(c) His grandmother praying over him
(d) The small box that his grandmother gave him

14. Which character introduces Henry to drinking alcohol?
(a) Baldy
(b) Lilly
(c) Harry
(d) Arnie

15. How do the boys in shop class learn to rebuild engines?
(a) By watching the teacher do it
(b) Watching movies
(c) Doing it themselves
(d) They don't ever learn

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry's grandmother bring to help with the boils and acne?

2. Why does Henry take ROTC again?

3. How does Harry escape from Henry when Henry threatens him?

4. Why does Henry say that most of the guys joined ROTC?

5. Which word describes how Henry feels about the signs he shows of his battle with Gibson?

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