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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lilly get Mr. Stanhope to let them use their textbooks during the test?
(a) Flirting with him
(b) Begging him
(c) Kissing him
(d) Raising her skirt and adjusting a garter

2. Why does Henry put out a lot of job applications?
(a) He is forced to by Big Henry
(b) He wants to find a job with his friends
(c) He doesn't want to live at home
(d) He needs money

3. In what type of competition does Henry make the finals?
(a) Science
(b) ROTC
(c) Writing
(d) Math

4. Which character introduces Henry to drinking alcohol?
(a) Lilly
(b) Baldy
(c) Arnie
(d) Harry

5. What opinion does Henry have about most of the maneuvers in ROTC?
(a) Have great real-life values
(b) Pointless
(c) Exciting
(d) Inspiring

6. What does Henry awaken to see?
(a) His grandmother praying over him
(b) The small box that his grandmother gave him
(c) Two dark eyes peering at him
(d) Two faces staring at him

7. How does Henry's father feel about the fact that Henry broke Abe's arm?
(a) Ashamed
(b) Proud
(c) Disgusted
(d) Envious

8. What does Henry's grandmother bring to help with the boils and acne?
(a) Crucifix
(b) Ultra violet light
(c) Needles
(d) New cream

9. What do the doctors expose Henry to in hopes of treating the acne and boils?
(a) Ultraviolet light
(b) Direct Sun light
(c) Salve which dries the acne and boils
(d) Needles to drill and drain the boils

10. What did the man who dated Jimmy's mother pay her to do according to Jimmy?
(a) Let him move into their house
(b) Pee in his mouth
(c) Beat him with a whip
(d) Have sex with him

11. What does Henry do to Jimmy's mother after Jimmy goes to sleep?
(a) Sends her out to get him more beer
(b) Asks her to let him move in
(c) Punch her
(d) Proposition her

12. Why is Henry asked not to return next semester to ROTC?
(a) Placing the rifle on his shoulder breaks boils and causes blood to leak through his shirt
(b) He uses his rifle to take shots at birds on the campus causing many students to be frightened
(c) He has sex with one of the other students during the time he is supposed to be in ROTC
(d) He beats up the ROTC instructor

13. How many demerits do Baldy and Henry get when Wagoner sees them keeping watch for Lilly and Pete?
(a) 1000
(b) 100
(c) 10
(d) 10000

14. Which of the following is not true about Harry?
(a) Has the admiration of the girls
(b) Wears neat clothes
(c) Rumored to be a genius
(d) Is a very accomplished fighter

15. Which of the following things isn't Lilly allowed to do during biology class?
(a) Sing
(b) Talk with her classmates
(c) Use textbook on exams
(d) Dance

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Jimmy and Henry get to the beach?

2. Why does Henry think that he didn't get the job at the airplane factory?

3. Who brings two sets of boxing gloves for a match?

4. Why can't Henry read the books he borrows from the library late at night?

5. What happens to Pete and Lilly after Wagoner finds them in the car?

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