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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Jimmy and Henry get to the beach?
(a) They take the bus 15 miles to the beach
(b) They walk 15 miles to the beach
(c) The bike 15 miles to the beach
(d) They hitchhike 15 miles to the beach

2. Why does Henry say that he can't make an obvious mistake?
(a) It would hurt Corporal Monty
(b) It would cause him to be laughed at
(c) He would be beaten by the other members of the squad
(d) He would be forced to quit the ROTC

3. In which class do all of the boys have a crush on the teacher?
(a) Social Studies
(b) Math
(c) English
(d) Science

4. Why doesn't Henry go to the doctor anymore?
(a) Doctors will not treat him any longer
(b) Big Henry won't let Henry go to the doctor's anymore
(c) Big Henry doesn't believe in paying doctors
(d) Henry refuses to go to the doctor again

5. Why does Henry get in trouble on his first trip when he arrives to do the restocking?
(a) He shows up late because he has to work
(b) Elevator operator makes him wait while he goes to the bathroom
(c) He stopped to feed a starving dog
(d) He stopped to get into a fight on his way through the store

6. What did the man who dated Jimmy's mother pay her to do according to Jimmy?
(a) Pee in his mouth
(b) Have sex with him
(c) Beat him with a whip
(d) Let him move into their house

7. What does Henry awaken to see?
(a) Two faces staring at him
(b) Two dark eyes peering at him
(c) His grandmother praying over him
(d) The small box that his grandmother gave him

8. Which word describes how Henry feels about the signs he shows of his battle with Gibson?
(a) Admonished
(b) Surprised
(c) Ashamed
(d) Proud

9. Which character does Coach Wagoner challenge to a fight?
(a) Harry Walden
(b) Morris Moscowitz
(c) Henry
(d) Arnie Whitechapel

10. Why does Henry take his father's binoculars?
(a) To look up his neighbor's dress
(b) To spy on his father and mother
(c) To use them in school to get better grades
(d) To make his father mad

11. What does Big Henry want Henry to be?
(a) Security guard
(b) Soldier
(c) Scientist
(d) Engineer

12. What job does Henry imagine he will have?
(a) None
(b) Priest
(c) Dishwasher
(d) Writer

13. Why does Henry say that most of the guys joined ROTC?
(a) They have to to graduate
(b) They hate gym class
(c) They like it
(d) Parents make them

14. In what type of competition does Henry make the finals?
(a) Writing
(b) ROTC
(c) Math
(d) Science

15. Why does Henry put out a lot of job applications?
(a) He wants to find a job with his friends
(b) He is forced to by Big Henry
(c) He doesn't want to live at home
(d) He needs money

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry do to Jimmy's mother after Jimmy goes to sleep?

2. What does one of the boys tell Henry happens to him each time he brings home an F?

3. What does Arnie Whitechapel do to convince the shop teacher to let them watch movies about rebuilding engines?

4. What does Henry join at his new high school?

5. Which character introduces Henry to drinking alcohol?

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