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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following characters begins sitting next to Henry at school?
(a) Delsey
(b) Stanley
(c) David
(d) Lila

2. Why doesn't Henry play with the boys in the neighborhood?
(a) He doesn't like them
(b) He is forbidden
(c) He spends too much time with them at school
(d) He is afraid of being beaten up

3. What instrument does David play?
(a) Trumpet
(b) Cello
(c) Violin
(d) Piano

4. What does Henry's father do when he arrives at the hospital?
(a) Yells at the doctor for treating Henry
(b) Cheers that he won't have to care for Henry any longer
(c) Berates Henry for getting hit by a car
(d) Blames Henry for getting in trouble at school and thus getting hit by a car

5. Why doesn't Henry go with the class to see the personal appearance by President Hoover?
(a) He has to work on the lawn
(b) He thinks he won't have to write the essay if he doesn't go
(c) He doesn't care about the president
(d) His father would not approve

6. How did the baseball game with Miranda Bell end?
(a) In a fight
(b) A tie game
(c) Henry's team loses
(d) Miranda Bell team winning

7. Which of the characters stands up for Henry when a boy tries to beat him up and causes the boy to run away crying?
(a) Delsey
(b) Lila Jane
(c) David
(d) Stanley

8. With whom does Henry spend most of his free time?
(a) Lila Jane
(b) Himself
(c) David
(d) Stanley

9. Why does Henry decide he can't run away?
(a) His mother would miss him
(b) His father needs him
(c) He couldn't live on his own
(d) He won't be able to find a job

10. Where does Big Henry say he will move after he sues the driver that hit Henry?
(a) Aruba
(b) South America
(c) Bermuda
(d) South Seas

11. What does Henry do when he hears his father beating his mother after the confrontation?
(a) Slips out of the window
(b) Takes his car and leaves
(c) Goes to her defense
(d) Hits his father over the head

12. Why does Henry ask his teacher when she keeps him after class the day after he learns what sex is?
(a) If she will help him get away from his parents
(b) If she wants to have sex
(c) If she will tell his parents
(d) What it means to have sex

13. Where does Henry's father drive when the picnic basket was empty one day?
(a) Home
(b) Orange grove
(c) Grandmother's house
(d) Grocery store

14. What was the man who gave them a ride arrested for?
(a) Kidnapping a child
(b) Killing his wife
(c) Stealing a car
(d) Performing oral sex on another man

15. What chore does Henry's father give him to keep him out of one of the Saturday football games?
(a) Doing extra homework
(b) Lawn work
(c) Cleaning the house
(d) Delivering milk

Short Answer Questions

1. What direction does Henry tell his father that they are traveling when asked?

2. What was odd about his parents when Henry visited his grandfather?

3. What do Frank and Henry continue to exchange after Frank moves away?

4. Why does the principal send a note home to Henry's parents?

5. What do Frank and Henry see that they say won't be able to go to Heaven?

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