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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Henry decide he can't run away?
(a) He won't be able to find a job
(b) His mother would miss him
(c) His father needs him
(d) He couldn't live on his own

2. Where does Frank's father's give the boys money to visit?
(a) Air plane graveyard
(b) Air show
(c) Hanger
(d) Airport

3. How does Henry says boys from his school take their beatings?
(a) Without a word
(b) Without crying
(c) With constant pain
(d) With revenge in mind

4. What happens as Henry walks home from school after his teacher keeps him late?
(a) He hides from his father
(b) He's hit by a car
(c) He decides to run away from home
(d) He runs into Edna

5. Why does the doctor say that Big Henry should not blame Henry for the car accident?
(a) The driver was drunk
(b) The driver swerved to miss an animal and hit Henry instead
(c) The car malfunctioned
(d) Henry was inside a building when it happened

6. What would Henry's father use to show him magic tricks?
(a) Toys
(b) Cigarettes
(c) Coins
(d) Poker chips

7. What did Henry's family often do on Sunday's when his grandmother didn't visit?
(a) Go for a ride and picnic
(b) Go for a long walk together
(c) Stay at home and do chores
(d) Play music together

8. Why does Henry say he dislikes the music David plays?
(a) It is too slow
(b) It is sad
(c) He cannot play himself
(d) He hates all music

9. Where does Big Henry say he will move after he sues the driver that hit Henry?
(a) Aruba
(b) Bermuda
(c) South America
(d) South Seas

10. What does Henry's father do for a living?
(a) Runs a dairy farm
(b) Delivers newspapers
(c) Nothing, he is unemployed
(d) Has a milk route

11. Where is Katherine's brother?
(a) Pasadena
(b) Japan
(c) Los Angelos
(d) Germany

12. What chore does Henry's father give him to keep him out of one of the Saturday football games?
(a) Doing extra homework
(b) Lawn work
(c) Cleaning the house
(d) Delivering milk

13. Why doesn't Henry go with the class to see the personal appearance by President Hoover?
(a) He doesn't care about the president
(b) He thinks he won't have to write the essay if he doesn't go
(c) He has to work on the lawn
(d) His father would not approve

14. How does Henry's father describe his brothers?
(a) Crazy
(b) Alcoholics
(c) Religious zealots
(d) Do gooders

15. What do Frank and Henry see that they say won't be able to go to Heaven?
(a) Henry's father
(b) A bum
(c) Cat
(d) Stray dog

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Henry find odd about his grammar school teacher?

2. How did Henry feel about his grammar school teacher?

3. Why does David's mother berate him when he arrives home from school when Henry walks him home?

4. In what year did Henry's memory take place?

5. What instrument does David play?

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