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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 41 through 48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the other players say that Henry should play on the baseball team that plays teams from other schools?
(a) Because Henry beats up a lot of students
(b) Because he hits a home run
(c) Because Henry makes a great catch
(d) Because the others want Henry away from the school

2. Why does Abe's mother decide not to sue Henry's family?
(a) Henry begs her not to
(b) Henry's father beats her up
(c) Abe says it was his fault
(d) Henry's mother convinces her not to

3. Why did Baldy's father lose his license to be a surgeon?
(a) No one can afford to pay, so he used violence to collect fees
(b) He killed one of his patients
(c) He can no longer see due to an accident
(d) He is a drunk

4. Why is Henry asked not to return next semester to ROTC?
(a) He beats up the ROTC instructor
(b) He uses his rifle to take shots at birds on the campus causing many students to be frightened
(c) He has sex with one of the other students during the time he is supposed to be in ROTC
(d) Placing the rifle on his shoulder breaks boils and causes blood to leak through his shirt

5. Why does Henry say that he was selected for the job at Mears-Starbuck?
(a) He's pathetic
(b) Someone that had the job before him died
(c) He seems to be willing to stay with the job
(d) He's old

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't Henry open the sealed note from the principal?

2. What are the boys doing under the grandstand?

3. How did Henry feel about his grammar school teacher?

4. What does Henry join at his new high school?

5. What does Jimmy do to the family dog at his girlfriend's house?

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