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Los Angeles - This is where the main character and his family live in America.

Pasadena - This is where the main character's grandmother lives.

Mt. Justin Jr. High - Where the main character goes daily when he is approximately twelve.

L.A. County General Hospital - Treats the main character's boils.

Woodhaven High - The school the main character was supposed to attend for high school.

Chelsey High - The school where many of the students are wealthy.

Mears-Starbuck - Where the main character works after graduating high school.

L.A. City College - Where the main character goes after he loses his job.

Prushing Square - The place where unemployed sit during the day.

Penny Arcade - Where the main character is just before Pearl Harbor is bombed.

Bunker Hill - Where the main character gets a room after running away from the rooming house...

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