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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 5)


Chapters 1 through 5

The students will be able to describe character motivation.



• Have the students work in small groups to identify motivations for various events in Chapters 1-5. Some motivations should be explicit and some should be implicit to encourage critical thinking (i.e. Henry's motivation for being embarrassed by his father when out in public (explicit), Why Henry's parents did not leave the car when they visited his grandfather (implicit)).

• Have the students write a paragraph, which will then be shared with the group identifying the motivation for Henry to dislike his father.

• Have the students use a cause and effect graphic organizer to identify character motivations and share with a small group their rationale for thinking the way they are on the graphic organizer


Reflect in writing: Has there ever been an idea, subject, project that you have been so enthusiastic about...

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