Ham on Rye Character Descriptions

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Henry Chinaski - This character is brought up by his parents who long for a wealthy lifestyle but are poor themselves.

Big Henry Chinaski - This character spends much of his time berating others, including his son.

Katherine Chinaski - This character is the one person who doesn't get beat on or constantly berated by the father in the story.

Richard Becker - This character is an aspiring writer.

Janice Ackerman - This character who tends the main character while he's undergoing treatment for his severe acne.

Emily - When the main character has acute acne, this character comes to his room and prays over him with a crucifix.

Leonard - The main character says that this character was the most beautiful man he'd ever seen.

Red - This character has only one arm.

Eli LaCrosse - This character is called "Baldy" because he has little hair...

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