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Chapters 1 through 5

• The novel opens with Henry describing his earliest memory of being under something, perhaps a table.

• He remembers that people were always telling him that he was always eating.

• He was born in 1922 in Germany, but then relocated to America.

• His whole family is now in America.
• Henry only remembers visiting his grandfather once and his parents stayed in the car.

• His grandfather gave him a gummy badge from his German military days and a pocket watch.

• The family regularly visits with Henry's grandmother in Pasadena

• She encourages Henry to play the piano.

• When they aren't spending a Sunday with his grandmother, the family would often go for long drives and picnics.
• One time when the picnic basket was empty, Big Henry attempted to steal oranges from an orange grove only to have the grove owner chase them away with a gun.

• Big Henry talks badly...

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