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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Yank to enter the room when he knocks?
(a) The assistant manager.
(b) The manager.
(c) All the workers.
(d) The secretary.

2. What does the fat gentleman yell at Yank?
(a) Bus.
(b) Turd.
(c) Scum.
(d) Truck.

3. What does Yank call an old lady he approaches?
(a) Cracker.
(b) Divvy.
(c) Kiddo.
(d) Heiffer.

4. Where is the prison located?
(a) Blackwell's Island.
(b) Cook Island.
(c) Lover's Island.
(d) Blackguard's Island.

5. What is the first think Yank does when he wakes up?
(a) Spits at a guard.
(b) Cries for help.
(c) Bangs his head against the wall.
(d) Shakes the bars.

6. What does Long say the white collar stiffs are asking Jesus for?
(a) More slaves.
(b) More money.
(c) Bigger houses.
(d) More workers.

7. What word do the prisoners use to refer to the prison officials?
(a) Pigs.
(b) Bulls.
(c) Freaks.
(d) Jocks.

8. What kind of building does Yank point to?
(a) An apartment building.
(b) A department store.
(c) A sky scraper.
(d) A tenement builidng.

9. Where does scene seven take place?
(a) The waterfront.
(b) A soup kitchen.
(c) The prison.
(d) A hotel.

10. What does Long do when he realizes Yank won't stop causing trouble?
(a) Calls the police.
(b) Leaves.
(c) Pulls Yank to away.
(d) Pins Yank down.

11. What does Long refer to Yank as when people start exiting the church?
(a) Blue.
(b) Comrade.
(c) Hairy ape.
(d) Tiger.

12. What does Yank say his job was?
(a) A policeman.
(b) A construction worker.
(c) A fireman.
(d) A steel worker.

13. What is one man in the office writing?
(a) A story.
(b) A telegram.
(c) A letter.
(d) A diary.

14. What kind of animal does Yank say brought the girl into the stoke hole?
(a) A dog.
(b) A cat.
(c) A pig.
(d) A bull.

15. What do the prisoners give the word democracy?
(a) A jeer.
(b) A raspberry.
(c) A whistle.
(d) A laugh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Yank say his parents took him when he was a kid?

2. Who are Yank and Long waiting for?

3. What was the name of the senator who made a speech in senate?

4. What day of the week is it in scene five?

5. What does Yank tell the prisoners he will do if they don't stop kidding him?

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