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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author say the bodies of the men shine with?
(a) Soap.
(b) Oil.
(c) Laughter.
(d) Sweat.

2. What does Yank say is the ship's middle name?
(a) Power.
(b) Strength.
(c) Speed.
(d) Delicate.

3. Where do the voices say they are going to after hell?
(a) Bristol.
(b) Liverpool.
(c) Southampton.
(d) New York.

4. What kind of expression does the coal dust give the men?
(a) A puppet expression.
(b) A comedic expression.
(c) A gothic expression.
(d) A sinister expression.

5. What does Yank say is the ship's booze?
(a) Oil.
(b) Coal.
(c) The wind.
(d) The waves.

6. How does Yank pronounce the word think?
(a) Tank.
(b) Thank.
(c) Fink.
(d) Tink.

7. What does Yank say Paddy is always doing?
(a) Snorting.
(b) Grunting.
(c) Guffing.
(d) Beefing.

8. What Irish city does Yank mention in the third scene?
(a) Dublin.
(b) Cork.
(c) Newry.
(d) Belfast.

9. What does Yank tell his friends to choke off?
(a) The jokes.
(b) The engines.
(c) The card game.
(d) The noise.

10. What does Mildred say she will do with her dress if she gets it dirty?
(a) Put it in the washing machine.
(b) Throw it into the sea.
(c) Use it for rags.
(d) Give to one of the workers.

11. What does Mildred say age makes a person?
(a) Mellow.
(b) Naive.
(c) Daft.
(d) Hateful.

12. What are all the men in the fireman's forecastle dressed in?
(a) Boiler suits.
(b) Tracksuits.
(c) Dungarees.
(d) Jeans.

13. What kind of food does Mildred say her aunt reminds her of?
(a) Biscuits and gravy.
(b) Bread dripping.
(c) A cold pork pudding.
(d) Steak and kidney pie.

14. What does Mildred call the Yank?
(a) A devil.
(b) A dirty ape.
(c) A filthy beast.
(d) A mad monster.

15. What does Yank tell the men to pile the furnace with?
(a) Scran.
(b) Grub.
(c) The gourmet stuff.
(d) Anything that packs a punch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal does the author compare to the Yank's face?

2. What does Yank say is his favorite climate?

3. Who do most of the men smoke?

4. What does Yank tell the men he is trying to do?

5. What quality does the author say the men give the word love?

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