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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yank tell the men he is trying to do?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Think.
(c) Forget.
(d) Dream.

2. What does Mildred say she has permission to visit?
(a) The lower decks.
(b) The stokehole.
(c) The captain's cabin.
(d) The engine room.

3. What does Yank say he could see through Mildred's hands?
(a) Her bones.
(b) Her soul.
(c) Her face.
(d) Her dress.

4. What does Mildred say age makes a person?
(a) Naive.
(b) Mellow.
(c) Hateful.
(d) Daft.

5. What does Paddy say the engineer was pointing at them like?
(a) A professor in a musuem.
(b) A slavedriver on a plantation.
(c) A man in a circus.
(d) A spaceman on Mars.

6. Where does Paddy say Midred's father is making money?
(a) Wall Street.
(b) Fleet Street.
(c) The Congo.
(d) South Africa.

7. What kind of ship is the Flying Dutchman?
(a) A Spanish Armada.
(b) A ghost ship.
(c) A fishing ship.
(d) A pirate ship.

8. Where does scene three take place?
(a) The engine room.
(b) The captain's cabin.
(c) The stokehole.
(d) The upper deck.

9. What did Mildred study at university?
(a) Psychology.
(b) Sociology.
(c) Architecture.
(d) Physiology.

10. What does Paddy say Mildred was dressed like when she came into the stokehole?
(a) A heavenly angel.
(b) A cherub.
(c) A white swan.
(d) A white quane.

11. What does Paddy say is wrong with Yank?
(a) He is seasick.
(b) He has the workman's blues.
(c) He has fallen in love.
(d) He is homesick.

12. What does Yank tell Paddy he is as nutty as?
(a) A monk.
(b) A nun.
(c) A cuckoo.
(d) A bug.

13. How does Yank describe Mildred's hands?
(a) Scabby and hard.
(b) Cracked and dirty.
(c) Wrinkly and old.
(d) White and skinny.

14. What does Long say the engineers were exhibiting them like?
(a) Slaves.
(b) Monkeys.
(c) Cattle.
(d) Artifacts.

15. What does the author say makes a teeth gritting sound?
(a) The grind of steel against steel.
(b) The opening of the furnace doors.
(c) The grunts of the men.
(d) The scrape of boots against the steel floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yank say he has forgotten?

2. What does Paddy say is broke?

3. Where does the coal stick to the men?

4. What does Yank think Mildred called him?

5. What does Yank say Paddy is always doing?

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