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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what company is Mildred's father the president?
(a) Nazareth Steel.
(b) Gordon's Whiskey.
(c) Macy's.
(d) Ford Motors.

2. What is Yank's nickname for Paddy?
(a) Sing-song.
(b) Mr. Whiskey.
(c) Harp.
(d) Jack.

3. What does Yank say is the matter with him?
(a) He is tired.
(b) He is lonely.
(c) He has fallen in love.
(d) He has fallen in hate.

4. What does Yank say he could see through Mildred's hands?
(a) Her dress.
(b) Her bones.
(c) Her soul.
(d) Her face.

5. How does O'Neill describe Mildred's aunt?
(a) Pompous and proud.
(b) Fun and jovial.
(c) Gentle and loving.
(d) Selfish and uncaring.

6. What does Mildred say her grandfather used to work as?
(a) A carpenter.
(b) A miner.
(c) A puddler.
(d) A mechanic.

7. Who are the men staring at?
(a) The captain.
(b) Paddy.
(c) Mildred.
(d) The Yank.

8. What does Mildred see swirling against the sky?
(a) Red clouds.
(b) Black smoke.
(c) Grey smoke.
(d) Seagulls.

9. What color does Paddy say the ocean is?
(a) Blue.
(b) White.
(c) Green.
(d) Black.

10. What does Yank shout at the "Belfast bum" for doing?
(a) Talking too loudly.
(b) Closing the furnace door.
(c) Doing nothing.
(d) Pulling on the whistle.

11. How does Yank pronounce the word think?
(a) Tink.
(b) Tank.
(c) Fink.
(d) Thank.

12. What does Mildred call the second engineer when he leaves?
(a) An oaf.
(b) A nut.
(c) A poser.
(d) A ogre.

13. What quality does the author say the men give the word love?
(a) A rusty quality.
(b) A timeless quality.
(c) A dusty quality.
(d) A metallic quality.

14. What does the author compare the mens' throats to?
(a) Phonograph horns.
(b) Opera singers.
(c) Ship whistles.
(d) Sopranos.

15. Where does scene three take place?
(a) The engine room.
(b) The upper deck.
(c) The captain's cabin.
(d) The stokehole.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what country does Yank sing a lass waits for him?

2. What does the author say the bodies of the men shine with?

3. What kind of ship is the Flying Dutchman?

4. What kind of food does Mildred say her aunt reminds her of?

5. What kind of metal does Yank say he is?

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