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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Long say should keep off the grass in fifth avenue?
(a) Animals.
(b) Proletarians.
(c) Women.
(d) Negros.

2. What does Yank shout at the "Belfast bum" for doing?
(a) Doing nothing.
(b) Closing the furnace door.
(c) Pulling on the whistle.
(d) Talking too loudly.

3. Who do the voices think Yank was trying to get even with?
(a) His boss.
(b) His girl.
(c) His father.
(d) His workmate.

4. What does Yank refer to the prison guard as?
(a) An ape.
(b) A lion tamer.
(c) A keeper.
(d) A manager.

5. What kind of expression does the coal dust give the men?
(a) A sinister expression.
(b) A gothic expression.
(c) A puppet expression.
(d) A comedic expression.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gives enough light to create shadows?

2. What does Long say the white collar stiffs are asking Jesus for?

3. Where does Paddy say Midred's father is making money?

4. What does a voice say Yank has scared Mildred out of?

5. What does Yank say is his favorite climate?

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