The Hairy Ape Character Descriptions

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Mildred Douglas - She is young and idealistic and at the same time oddly aware that her idealism is without real impact or significance. She has a history of social activism and empathy for the lower class in spite of her wealth.

Guard - His role is to keep the prisoners in line. He is faced with Yank, a very strong and surprisingly out of control prisoner.

Long - He also sees the dehumanization that is occurring and ties it to the importance of the machine. He agrees with Yank when he sees the people in first class, who represent the ruling class, as being the people who have enslaved the workers.

Mildred's Aunt - She has charitable tendencies, however her aunt suggests that artificiality is more her natural pose.

Paddy - He spends his time in reverie, remembering the pleasure he derived from sailing in...

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