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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One young man is beaten and thrown out because he tries to shoot what at Gulliver's head?
(a) an arrow
(b) a gun
(c) a nut
(d) a rock

2. What is the last man that does not want Gulliver set free?
(a) a Skygol Reaham
(b) a Skygeah Globeam
(c) a Skyreah Bolgolam
(d) a Skybol Golelam

3. How do the Lilliputians write on paper?
(a) from right to left
(b) slanted
(c) upside down
(d) straight

4. Gulliver explains that most Lilliputian children are raised by whom?
(a) fathers only
(b) grandparents
(c) nurseries
(d) mothers only

5. Why does the farmer decide to make Gulliver work hard after Gulliver gets ill?
(a) The farmer hopes that working will make Gulliver feel better.
(b) The farmer wants to make more money before Gulliver dies.
(c) The farmer hopes that someone else will offer to buy Gulliver and be able to cure him.
(d) The farmer wants Gulliver to make people in the city sick, so that those in the farm lands can take over.

6. Gulliver gets lost while running where?
(a) valley
(b) meadow
(c) corn field
(d) forest

7. What is the name of Gulliver's nurse?
(a) Glumclitchadum
(b) Clichmadalgum
(c) Glumadalclitch
(d) Glumbuclitchda

8. What sort of dance does Gulliver go on to explain that the Lilliputians do?
(a) a risque dance
(b) a rope dance
(c) a rain dance
(d) a ribbon dance

9. What does Gulliver see washing towards the shore, after he is with the Bleuscians?
(a) a dead fish
(b) a boat
(c) a sailor
(d) a hat

10. Why is Gulliver getting ill?
(a) He can't eat the food in the land.
(b) He has caught one of the giant's diseases.
(c) He is being overworked by the farmer.
(d) He can't drink the water in the land.

11. Gulliver makes up what sort of game?
(a) a card game
(b) a guessing game
(c) a war game
(d) a memory game

12. What does the emperor of Blefuscu decide to do when he finds out about the articles against Gulliver?
(a) He sends Gulliver back immediately.
(b) He sends Gulliver into hiding.
(c) He says that he will not send Gulliver back.
(d) He locks Gulliver up until the LIlliputians come to get him.

13. Another provision states that Gulliver cannot come within the city limits without how much warning?
(a) two hours
(b) twenty-four hours
(c) eight hours
(d) forty-eight hours

14. Gulliver must agree, also, to be an ally against the people of what place?
(a) Lefbascu
(b) Felbascu
(c) Sablecu
(d) Blefuscu

15. Gulliver tells the emperor that he will never do what?
(a) help the people bring in crops
(b) help jail the innocent
(c) help the people kill the emperor
(d) help to place the people in slavery

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do many people come to see Gulliver, once the farmer takes him to town?

2. Who came to see Gulliver, after he was rescued from the animal?

3. Gulliver describes the dwarf shaking what from a tree and hitting Gulliver?

4. What strange item do the men find, a few days after Gulliver's game is played?

5. How does Gulliver prosper after returning to England?

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