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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old does Gulliver think the Emperor of Lilliput is?
(a) around 30
(b) around 50
(c) around 90
(d) around 70

2. What convinces the farmer that Gulliver is a small human?
(a) Gulliver speaks English.
(b) Gulliver gives the farmer money.
(c) Gulliver gives the farmer his telescope.
(d) Gulliver shows the farmer a map of England

3. Gulliver tells the emperor that he will never do what?
(a) help the people kill the emperor
(b) help the people bring in crops
(c) help jail the innocent
(d) help to place the people in slavery

4. What item of Gulliver's do the Lilliputians think is an oracle?
(a) his sword
(b) his pocketknife
(c) his watch
(d) his handkerchief

5. How long has Gulliver been on Blefuscu, when he sees something wash up on shore?
(a) three weeks
(b) seven weeks
(c) seven days
(d) three days

6. After his dingy is overturned and Gulliver swims to shore, what does he do?
(a) He builds a fire.
(b) He hunts for food.
(c) He screams for help.
(d) He falls asleep.

7. Which of the following punishments do the people settle on for Gulliver?
(a) poke his eyes out and slowly starve him
(b) cut off his nose and slowly starve him
(c) poke his eyes out and banish him to the woods
(d) kill him immediately by hanging

8. Who teaches Gulliver the language of the giants?
(a) the farmer
(b) the farmer's son
(c) the farmer's wife
(d) the farmer's daughter

9. Which of the following is not a reason that Gulliver is being brought up on charges by the Lilliputians.
(a) being friendly to the ambassadors
(b) secretly marrying a woman from Blefuscu
(c) planning to sail tot he enemy's land
(d) not following orders about destroying the people of Blefuscu

10. During Gulliver's game, Gulliver saves a man and a what?
(a) dog
(b) rabbit
(c) horse
(d) cat

11. How do the Lilliputians write on paper?
(a) upside down
(b) slanted
(c) straight
(d) from right to left

12. Gulliver tells the emperor to keep the gunpowder away from what?
(a) fire
(b) children
(c) water
(d) the castle

13. How do the men ensure that Gulliver will not escape, once he is in the temple?
(a) They leave Gulliver tied up with rope.
(b) They lock Gulliver in the Temple.
(c) They take Gulliver's shoes away, so he can't walk on the harsh ground.
(d) They shackle Gulliver.

14. What are the two factions in Lilliput called?
(a) the blue hats and the red hats
(b) the blue heels and the red heels
(c) the low heels and the high heels
(d) the low hats and the high hats

15. What does the emperor of Blefuscu decide to do when he finds out about the articles against Gulliver?
(a) He sends Gulliver into hiding.
(b) He sends Gulliver back immediately.
(c) He says that he will not send Gulliver back.
(d) He locks Gulliver up until the LIlliputians come to get him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gulliver set sail with?

2. Why does Gulliver say that he finally left the kingdom?

3. What was Gulliver schooled to become?

4. Gulliver explains that most Lilliputian children are raised by whom?

5. Due to trade and the fact that many of the people send their children to the opposite island to become more worldly, what does Gulliver say happens?

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