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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gulliver notes that hundreds of what sort of animal are kept by the royal family?
(a) pigs
(b) cats
(c) horses
(d) dogs

2. Which item did Gulliver hide from the Lilliputian guards?
(a) a razor
(b) pistols
(c) a comb
(d) a telescope

3. How do the Lilliputians write on paper?
(a) from right to left
(b) upside down
(c) straight
(d) slanted

4. How long has Gulliver been on Blefuscu, when he sees something wash up on shore?
(a) seven days
(b) three days
(c) seven weeks
(d) three weeks

5. What convinces the farmer that Gulliver is a small human?
(a) Gulliver shows the farmer a map of England
(b) Gulliver gives the farmer money.
(c) Gulliver gives the farmer his telescope.
(d) Gulliver speaks English.

6. During the journey, Gulliver awakes only once when a couple of the curious accidentally make him do what?
(a) cough
(b) kick
(c) jump
(d) sneeze

7. What do the Lilliputians do to people who are not honest?
(a) kill them
(b) banish them
(c) put them in jail
(d) make them work the worst jobs

8. During Gulliver's game, Gulliver saves a man and a what?
(a) dog
(b) rabbit
(c) horse
(d) cat

9. Why is Gulliver getting ill?
(a) He has caught one of the giant's diseases.
(b) He can't eat the food in the land.
(c) He is being overworked by the farmer.
(d) He can't drink the water in the land.

10. What does Gulliver see washing towards the shore, after he is with the Bleuscians?
(a) a hat
(b) a dead fish
(c) a sailor
(d) a boat

11. Why does Gulliver have trouble seeing the inner palace?
(a) The inner palace is under heavy guard.
(b) There are two many houses between Gulliver and the inner palace.
(c) The inner palace was too tiny for Gulliver to see.
(d) The inner palace is under construction.

12. Gulliver tells of seeing beggars with giant what?
(a) lice
(b) scabs
(c) ticks
(d) fleas

13. Out of concern for losing an eye, Gulliver does what, while swimming away from the enemy?
(a) puts on his glasses
(b) puts a helmet on
(c) swims totally under the water
(d) swims holding a shield out in front of his face

14. Who came to see Gulliver, after he was rescued from the animal?
(a) the queen alone
(b) the king alone
(c) the farmer and his wife
(d) the king and queen

15. Gulliver describes the island as a peninsula with what at the end?
(a) a volcano
(b) a mountain
(c) a meadow
(d) a pit

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do many people come to see Gulliver, once the farmer takes him to town?

2. At first, the emperor wants to destroy the enemy fleet and, therefore subject the people to be governed by what?

3. What is the name of Gulliver's nurse?

4. According to the old written laws, Lilliputians cannot hold public office if they do not believe in what?

5. How do the Lilliputians bury their dead?

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