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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At first, the emperor wants to destroy the enemy fleet and, therefore subject the people to be governed by what?
(a) parliament
(b) a viceroy
(c) a queen
(d) congress

2. Gulliver is once captured by what sort of animal?
(a) bear
(b) monkey
(c) tiger
(d) elephant

3. Gulliver tells the emperor that he will never do what?
(a) help the people bring in crops
(b) help the people kill the emperor
(c) help to place the people in slavery
(d) help jail the innocent

4. Gulliver tells the emperor to keep the gunpowder away from what?
(a) water
(b) children
(c) the castle
(d) fire

5. Gulliver estimated that about how many people lived in the inner city?
(a) 50,000
(b) 1,000,0000
(c) 500,000
(d) 700,000

6. What does Gulliver set sail with?
(a) little boys
(b) little plants
(c) little girls
(d) little animals

7. Some ambassadors come from Blefuscu, hoping to do what?
(a) get the emperor's help to cure an illness that is killing many people
(b) get the emperor to agree to come to Blefescu and visit
(c) get their ships back
(d) make a peace treaty

8. How do the Lilliputians write on paper?
(a) upside down
(b) straight
(c) slanted
(d) from right to left

9. During the journey, Gulliver awakes only once when a couple of the curious accidentally make him do what?
(a) jump
(b) cough
(c) kick
(d) sneeze

10. How does Gulliver's sword scare the guards?
(a) The sword falls to the ground and almost crushes them.
(b) Gulliver pretends to use the sword to stab at them.
(c) Gulliver thros the sword across the room and it sticks in the ground next to the king.
(d) The sword catches the light and blinds them.

11. The main city is how many miles long?
(a) 64
(b) 56
(c) 66
(d) 54

12. What was Gulliver schooled to become?
(a) a carpenter
(b) a teacher
(c) a sailor
(d) a surgeon

13. Gulliver notes that hundreds of what sort of animal are kept by the royal family?
(a) pigs
(b) cats
(c) dogs
(d) horses

14. How are the commoners punished for shooting arrows at Gulliver?
(a) They are banished.
(b) They are pushed within Gulliver's range.
(c) They are killed.
(d) They are put in jail.

15. When does the emperor have shows put on for Gulliver?
(a) after Gulliver saves the emperor's life
(b) when Gulliver understands the language better
(c) when Gulliver complains tot he emperor about his boredom
(d) when the performers meet Gulliver and trust him

Short Answer Questions

1. Who teaches Gulliver the language of the giants?

2. What sort of dance does Gulliver go on to explain that the Lilliputians do?

3. Who pays Gulliver a visit, a month after Gulliver is freed?

4. What does Gulliver see washing towards the shore, after he is with the Bleuscians?

5. What strange item do the men find, a few days after Gulliver's game is played?

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