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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Gulliver hide things from the Lilliputian guards?
(a) under a bed
(b) in his mouth
(c) in a secret pocket
(d) in a hole in the ground

2. Out of concern for losing an eye, Gulliver does what, while swimming away from the enemy?
(a) puts on his glasses
(b) swims holding a shield out in front of his face
(c) swims totally under the water
(d) puts a helmet on

3. Gulliver tells the emperor to keep the gunpowder away from what?
(a) the castle
(b) fire
(c) water
(d) children

4. Who came to see Gulliver, after he was rescued from the animal?
(a) the king alone
(b) the farmer and his wife
(c) the queen alone
(d) the king and queen

5. Instead of staying for his sentencing, where does Gulliver decide to go?
(a) deep into the woods
(b) back home to England
(c) to a hidden cave by the beach
(d) Blefuscu

6. Gulliver describes his adventures with what kind of creature that is jealous of him?
(a) a gnome
(b) a dwarf
(c) an elf
(d) a sprite

7. Gulliver decides to seize the enemy's what?
(a) fleet
(b) weapons
(c) food
(d) treasure

8. How long does the journey take?
(a) eight days
(b) five days
(c) three days
(d) all day and all night

9. Why does Gulliver have trouble seeing the inner palace?
(a) The inner palace was too tiny for Gulliver to see.
(b) There are two many houses between Gulliver and the inner palace.
(c) The inner palace is under construction.
(d) The inner palace is under heavy guard.

10. How does Gulliver prosper after returning to England?
(a) He sells his cattle.
(b) He runs a boarding house.
(c) He restarts his medical practice.
(d) He writes books.

11. Gulliver says that what happened during a man's execution?
(a) The man was hung.
(b) The man was shot.
(c) The man was drowned.
(d) The man's head was cut off.

12. Which item did the Lilliputian guards find, when they searched Gulliver?
(a) glasses
(b) a telescope
(c) a portrait of Gulliver's wife
(d) a razor

13. What does the emperor do prior to Gulliver's sentencing?
(a) He sends out a decree.
(b) He resigns his post.
(c) He tries to convince the people that Gulliver is evil.
(d) He disappears.

14. Gulliver must agree, also, to be an ally against the people of what place?
(a) Felbascu
(b) Lefbascu
(c) Blefuscu
(d) Sablecu

15. How are the commoners punished for shooting arrows at Gulliver?
(a) They are killed.
(b) They are banished.
(c) They are pushed within Gulliver's range.
(d) They are put in jail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Some ambassadors come from Blefuscu, hoping to do what?

2. The main city is how many miles long?

3. The people that can do what are picked for the best jobs?

4. Which item did the Lilliputian guards not find on Gulliver?

5. When he awakes, what kind of people surround Gulliver?

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