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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Due to trade and the fact that many of the people send their children to the opposite island to become more worldly, what does Gulliver say happens?
(a) Most people know both languages
(b) Most people have relatives on each island
(c) Most people spend six months on one island and then six months on the other.
(d) Most people have houses on each island

2. Who pays Gulliver a visit, a month after Gulliver is freed?
(a) the queen
(b) the emperor
(c) the treasurer
(d) the principal secretary

3. How many children does the farmer have?
(a) three
(b) one
(c) seven
(d) five

4. Out of concern for losing an eye, Gulliver does what, while swimming away from the enemy?
(a) puts on his glasses
(b) swims totally under the water
(c) puts a helmet on
(d) swims holding a shield out in front of his face

5. Gulliver explains that most Lilliputian children are raised by whom?
(a) nurseries
(b) grandparents
(c) mothers only
(d) fathers only

6. Gulliver is once captured by what sort of animal?
(a) bear
(b) elephant
(c) monkey
(d) tiger

7. How old does Gulliver think the Emperor of Lilliput is?
(a) around 50
(b) around 70
(c) around 30
(d) around 90

8. What was Gulliver schooled to become?
(a) a surgeon
(b) a sailor
(c) a carpenter
(d) a teacher

9. When Gulliver gets his hand free from his bonds, what do the men do?
(a) throw rocks
(b) shoot little arrows
(c) tie his hand back up
(d) untie him completely

10. How long does the journey take?
(a) all day and all night
(b) eight days
(c) three days
(d) five days

11. What does the emperor do prior to Gulliver's sentencing?
(a) He resigns his post.
(b) He tries to convince the people that Gulliver is evil.
(c) He disappears.
(d) He sends out a decree.

12. What is the name of Gulliver's nurse?
(a) Glumbuclitchda
(b) Glumadalclitch
(c) Glumclitchadum
(d) Clichmadalgum

13. What item of Gulliver's do the Lilliputians think is an oracle?
(a) his handkerchief
(b) his pocketknife
(c) his watch
(d) his sword

14. What do the Lilliputians do to people who are not honest?
(a) put them in jail
(b) make them work the worst jobs
(c) banish them
(d) kill them

15. Gulliver describes the island as a peninsula with what at the end?
(a) a mountain
(b) a volcano
(c) a meadow
(d) a pit

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following punishments do the people settle on for Gulliver?

2. Who becomes Gulliver's nurse?

3. Gulliver must agree, also, to be an ally against the people of what place?

4. Where do many people come to see Gulliver, once the farmer takes him to town?

5. Why does the farmer decide to make Gulliver work hard after Gulliver gets ill?

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