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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The people that can do what are picked for the best jobs?
(a) jump the highest
(b) swim the furthest from the island and get back safely
(c) sing the best
(d) climb the highest

2. How did Gulliver hide things from the Lilliputian guards?
(a) in his mouth
(b) under a bed
(c) in a secret pocket
(d) in a hole in the ground

3. During Gulliver's game, Gulliver saves a man and a what?
(a) dog
(b) rabbit
(c) cat
(d) horse

4. Another provision states that Gulliver cannot come within the city limits without how much warning?
(a) two hours
(b) forty-eight hours
(c) twenty-four hours
(d) eight hours

5. How does Gulliver's sword scare the guards?
(a) Gulliver pretends to use the sword to stab at them.
(b) The sword falls to the ground and almost crushes them.
(c) The sword catches the light and blinds them.
(d) Gulliver thros the sword across the room and it sticks in the ground next to the king.

6. Gulliver describes his adventures with what kind of creature that is jealous of him?
(a) an elf
(b) a dwarf
(c) a gnome
(d) a sprite

7. Why does the farmer decide to make Gulliver work hard after Gulliver gets ill?
(a) The farmer wants to make more money before Gulliver dies.
(b) The farmer wants Gulliver to make people in the city sick, so that those in the farm lands can take over.
(c) The farmer hopes that someone else will offer to buy Gulliver and be able to cure him.
(d) The farmer hopes that working will make Gulliver feel better.

8. Which item did the Lilliputian guards not find on Gulliver?
(a) a pocketknife
(b) a comb
(c) matches
(d) a handkerchief

9. Gulliver says that what happened during a man's execution?
(a) The man was shot.
(b) The man was drowned.
(c) The man's head was cut off.
(d) The man was hung.

10. Who teaches Gulliver the language of the giants?
(a) the farmer's daughter
(b) the farmer
(c) the farmer's wife
(d) the farmer's son

11. Who does Gulliver accidentally insult at the farmer's house?
(a) the farmer's daughter
(b) the farmer
(c) the farmer's wife
(d) the farmer's friend

12. Where do the people decide to take Gulliver?
(a) home
(b) out into the ocean
(c) the capital city
(d) the woods

13. What is the name of the captain of the ship Gulliver is on?
(a) John Nicholas
(b) Nicholas John
(c) James Nicholas
(d) Nicholas James

14. How long does the journey take?
(a) three days
(b) five days
(c) eight days
(d) all day and all night

15. Gulliver helps the emperor's guards to search what?
(a) the house of a suspected criminal
(b) the countryside for a missing child
(c) the shore line, where Gulliver originally washed up
(d) Gulliver's pockets

Short Answer Questions

1. The Lilliputians think that fraud is worse than what offense?

2. What was Gulliver schooled to become?

3. One young man is beaten and thrown out because he tries to shoot what at Gulliver's head?

4. After Gulliver's schooling was complete and his first voyage was over, where did he marry and settle down?

5. What does the farmer's daughter think Gulliver is?

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