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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Gulliver accidentally insult at the farmer's house?
(a) the farmer
(b) the farmer's daughter
(c) the farmer's friend
(d) the farmer's wife

2. Gulliver describes the dwarf shaking what from a tree and hitting Gulliver?
(a) pears
(b) oranges
(c) bananas
(d) apples

3. One young man is beaten and thrown out because he tries to shoot what at Gulliver's head?
(a) a rock
(b) a nut
(c) an arrow
(d) a gun

4. What does the emperor of Blefuscu decide to do when he finds out about the articles against Gulliver?
(a) He sends Gulliver back immediately.
(b) He sends Gulliver into hiding.
(c) He locks Gulliver up until the LIlliputians come to get him.
(d) He says that he will not send Gulliver back.

5. How long does it take Gulliver to learn the language of the Lilliputians?
(a) about 3 years
(b) about 3 weeks
(c) about 3 months
(d) They learn his language. He does not learn theirs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gulliver describes the people as wearing clothes adorned with all of the following except what?

2. The king sends for how many scholars to examine Gulliver?

3. Which item did the Lilliputian guards not find on Gulliver?

4. In the garden, Gulliver was once carried off by what color spaniel?

5. What does Gulliver set sail with?

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