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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does the journey take?
(a) all day and all night
(b) three days
(c) five days
(d) eight days

2. When does the emperor have shows put on for Gulliver?
(a) after Gulliver saves the emperor's life
(b) when the performers meet Gulliver and trust him
(c) when Gulliver understands the language better
(d) when Gulliver complains tot he emperor about his boredom

3. What do the Lilliputians do to people who are not honest?
(a) kill them
(b) banish them
(c) make them work the worst jobs
(d) put them in jail

4. Gulliver notes that hundreds of what sort of animal are kept by the royal family?
(a) pigs
(b) horses
(c) dogs
(d) cats

5. Some ambassadors come from Blefuscu, hoping to do what?
(a) get the emperor to agree to come to Blefescu and visit
(b) get the emperor's help to cure an illness that is killing many people
(c) make a peace treaty
(d) get their ships back

Short Answer Questions

1. The people that can do what are picked for the best jobs?

2. What convinces the farmer that Gulliver is a small human?

3. Which of the following punishments do the people settle on for Gulliver?

4. Why is Gulliver getting ill?

5. According to the old written laws, Lilliputians cannot hold public office if they do not believe in what?

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