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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gulliver prosper after returning to England?
(a) He writes books.
(b) He restarts his medical practice.
(c) He runs a boarding house.
(d) He sells his cattle.

2. What sort of dance does Gulliver go on to explain that the Lilliputians do?
(a) a rope dance
(b) a ribbon dance
(c) a rain dance
(d) a risque dance

3. A couple days after Gulliver's game is played, some men find a strange object where?
(a) in Gulliver's shoe
(b) in a field
(c) in the woods
(d) on the beach

4. Gulliver decides to seize the enemy's what?
(a) weapons
(b) fleet
(c) treasure
(d) food

5. How long does Gulliver stay with his wife before setting sail again?
(a) two months
(b) two days
(c) two weeks
(d) two years

Short Answer Questions

1. Gulliver estimated that about how many people lived in the inner city?

2. When Gulliver gets his hand free from his bonds, what do the men do?

3. When does the emperor have shows put on for Gulliver?

4. Where do many people come to see Gulliver, once the farmer takes him to town?

5. Gulliver learns that the war between the Lilliputians and the Blefuscians has to do with what?

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