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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Gulliver's game, Gulliver saves a man and a what?
(a) rabbit
(b) cat
(c) dog
(d) horse

2. Which item did Gulliver hide from the Lilliputian guards?
(a) a razor
(b) a telescope
(c) a comb
(d) pistols

3. What is the name of the captain of the ship Gulliver is on?
(a) James Nicholas
(b) Nicholas John
(c) John Nicholas
(d) Nicholas James

4. Gulliver must agree, also, to be an ally against the people of what place?
(a) Sablecu
(b) Blefuscu
(c) Felbascu
(d) Lefbascu

5. How does Gulliver's sword scare the guards?
(a) The sword catches the light and blinds them.
(b) The sword falls to the ground and almost crushes them.
(c) Gulliver thros the sword across the room and it sticks in the ground next to the king.
(d) Gulliver pretends to use the sword to stab at them.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the emperor have shows put on for Gulliver?

2. Who does Gulliver accidentally insult at the farmer's house?

3. After the emperor reads the list of things found on Gulliver, what does he ask for?

4. Gulliver gets lost while running where?

5. What strange item do the men find, a few days after Gulliver's game is played?

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