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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gulliver helps the emperor's guards to search what?
(a) the house of a suspected criminal
(b) the shore line, where Gulliver originally washed up
(c) Gulliver's pockets
(d) the countryside for a missing child

2. Another provision states that Gulliver cannot come within the city limits without how much warning?
(a) eight hours
(b) twenty-four hours
(c) two hours
(d) forty-eight hours

3. According to the old written laws, Lilliputians cannot hold public office if they do not believe in what?
(a) Divine Providence
(b) honesty
(c) loyalty
(d) compassion towards others

4. How long does it take Gulliver to learn the language of the Lilliputians?
(a) They learn his language. He does not learn theirs.
(b) about 3 years
(c) about 3 months
(d) about 3 weeks

5. The people that can do what are picked for the best jobs?
(a) swim the furthest from the island and get back safely
(b) climb the highest
(c) sing the best
(d) jump the highest

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Lilliputians write on paper?

2. What happens to cause Gulliver to abandon ship during his first voyage after the second time his practice failed?

3. Gulliver also has to help deliver what?

4. Gulliver describes the inner city as a collection of houses at least how many stories high?

5. Who pays Gulliver a visit, a month after Gulliver is freed?

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