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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gulliver tells the emperor that he will never do what?
(a) help to place the people in slavery
(b) help jail the innocent
(c) help the people kill the emperor
(d) help the people bring in crops

2. How do the Lilliputians bury their dead?
(a) with legs at a ninety degree angle to bodies
(b) with arms straight up
(c) with arms folded behind their heads
(d) with heads down

3. When Gulliver gets his hand free from his bonds, what do the men do?
(a) untie him completely
(b) shoot little arrows
(c) tie his hand back up
(d) throw rocks

4. When he awakes, what kind of people surround Gulliver?
(a) men painted green
(b) six-inch-tall men
(c) men painted blue
(d) six-foot-tall men

5. What do the Lilliputians do to people who are not honest?
(a) banish them
(b) put them in jail
(c) kill them
(d) make them work the worst jobs

Short Answer Questions

1. Which item did the Lilliputian guards not find on Gulliver?

2. The Lilliputians think that fraud is worse than what offense?

3. Gulliver tells the emperor to keep the gunpowder away from what?

4. Who pays Gulliver a visit, a month after Gulliver is freed?

5. Out of concern for losing an eye, Gulliver does what, while swimming away from the enemy?

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